Monday, November 21, 2016

A Wonderful Mother...

Not a lot happened this week, just more of the usual work. We really didnt do anything special other than junior, tarics little brother, is prepared and ready for his baptism next week. We are all pretty excited for that. Other then that i really have no other kind of news or anything cool that happened this week.. more of a ho um kind of week as we just did our usual lessons and helped our investigators we currently have work and progress better. Maybe the coolest thing that happened this week was the love of a mother we saw for one of her kids. After we visited this potnetial missionary we later started speaking to his mother who began to express her desire for him to serve the lord and go on a mission.. after almost 10 mins of her venting and telling about the problems facing this young man i started slowly seeing my own dear mother in her eyes and i could have sworn hearing moms voice.. it was pretty crazy.. it was a nice little slap to help me remember how much love mothers have for their sons and how much they wish and hope that their children do what is right. After you are on the mission for the long time you slowly start to forget more and more about your family and the feeling its like when your with them, but it seems that heavenly father every now and again puts a little reminder into our lives to help us remember that we have a loving family back at home and that i have a great mother who wants the best for me and who has taught me what to do and how to do it correctly... and for that i will be eternally grateful.. Thank you mother.

I have nothing else to report as we are finding new people, helping less actives and working great together.. im another week closer to leaving this area and its heartbreaking knowing that ill never work here again and that ill have to leave my great companion.. this last month has flown by.. All else is well here in Benfica.. all is quite and the work continues.. Also thank you for the report on honey, it was very sad to read and i almost shed a tear... almost.. 2 kittens you say? that would not have been my choice but thats just me.. i would like another dog again.. maybe when i move out ill get a nice little puppy.. hahahahah just kidding mom

Elder Webber

Monday, November 14, 2016

Interesting Supermarkets

Well this week was a quick welcome to the hot season here in Angola... every day this week was a battle against sweat and the heat. I cant believe i forgot how hot it gets here in Angola. Its all good because we but the foot to the pavement and went to work and found a lot of new investigators and the members were making it rain with referrals. We are teaching a new family, Job and Graça who are doing really well. Job is a boss and has a ton of questions, Graça is a lot more quiet but still loves to learn more. We had family night with them last week and once again family night comes in for the win! every time we passed by they asked when would be the next time for family night... it was a ton of fun esspecially because job taught us this weird african version of sorry and trouble... it was a ton of fun 10/10. We are also teaching the uncle of WIlma and Yolene. Hes a bit slowler but understands really well when he understands... its been fun teaching him and trying new ways to describe and explain confusing things. We are also teaching a man named Nelson who is also doing really well... he works for he Angolan CIA i guess you could say. Also Antonia and Junior and Ciara are all donig really well. They all came to church this week and Junior is really excited for his baptism. 

This week also was a tough one because the super markets here in angola are very very unreliable.. one week you could have everything you could ever want.. but the next week there could be absolutely nothing... last week was one of those weeks.. We had zero protein in our house and a whole lot of carbs.. zero veggies and fruit but a whole lot of milk.. so engery was 0% and health was also 0% but as always we can always find some kind of reserve energy that can get us through the day.. its always a mircale and seems to be the biggest miracle. Also this week Manual was baptized. His brother in law did the baptism and it was great, a lot of members came out to support him and it was a great day all around. He was taken out of our area after dawson came in since our area split so we only saw him on sundays, but this sunday he wanted us to participate in is confirmation which is always a great experience that i love. Not much else.. we dont have much time to write so i try my best to give you the scoop on what angola is like and what the mission life is.. 

Elder Webber

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lots of Driving...

This week was aight. Nothing new really happened. We did a whole ton of driving around again and trying to find some random electrical part for the mission office. Being angola it made it about a million times harder to find that piece. It took about 4 hours driving from store to store looking for this little thing that without it the whole mission office doesn't have energy. We would get to one store and they said that they don't have it and send us to the next one.. 5 stores later we end up wayyyyyy out in Viana, we finally buy it and head back home with just enough time for the condo handy man to come over and put it in. It was pretty sweet though, we just had a nice little chat just elder mitchell and i because we received another missionary this last week so a duo split up and one of them, Elder Dawson, is now here in benfica with elder mashalaba, so in other words.. NO MORE TRIO!!! yipee!! It was only a week and it was already making my eye twitch go out of control! 

Also Carlos and Eduarda came back from visiting their daughter in england so it was super nice to sit down with them after 15 days. They are almost done with the book of mormon and carlos yesterday just received the aaronic priesthood, so everything is going very well with them. They also had a chance to go to church there in england which was super nice for them to see how big the church can be and how nice all the chapels are. 

Other then that nothing really happened here, we had an awesome lunch saturday where we went out and bought some frangueté, its just some dang good chicken roasted in a paper sack over an oil drum with onions and other spices. We went and bought 3 whole chickens for our whole house and cooked up a ton of noodles and had a nice little feast before fast sunday.. which is the hardest day of the month.. its so brutal.. At church there was no space at the inn so elder mitchell and i just went and sat on the floor in the back of gospel doctrine, and for elders quorum we stood outside the door not hearing a single word... go ahead and ask if i learned anything this sunday.... NOPE i didn't.. but its all good cause our investigators enjoyed it a lot. Elder dawson rolled up this week on tuesday and brought with him a chess board.. so in a house with 6 missionaries you can bet it gets a little heated.. Top 3 reasons for companionship problems here in angola... #1 debate if powdered milk or boxed milk is better #2 chess #3 and beating your companion in the game at family night

all is well here in angola and benfica.. just trying to ignore the fact that my time here in benfica is winding down to a close... sad day

Elder Webber

photos of the drive... 

this is suppose to be a 3 lane road but in traffic it quickly turns to be 6

the crew