Monday, February 27, 2017

A Diamond Expert...

Fun week this week, its the last week of the transfer and we got news
that i will be staying for one more with elder bradshaw here in nova
vida and i am super excited for that. We are going to have a lot of
success this transfer since we spent a ton of time working hard last
transfer and getting a ton of people ready to get baptized, so we are
both really excited for this next transfer. We are doing the usual
work, and while i was on my division with elder jeyamby we were doing
our usual workouts at night and meet a guy in our condo who was super
cool. We spoke to him a little bit more and learned quite a lot about
his life and job and what not. His name his Felipe and works for a
diamond company, so i guess you can say now i'm a pro at diamonds and
telling how one is fake and real and all that good stuff. He shared
some pretty cool stories that i can only share in person. So when i
get home don't forget to remind me about Felipe.

We also got to go up and help out at the baptism of Maura a young
women that we use to teach in our area who moved and went to the inner
city. Its always fun to go and see the journey that you started with
people to finally finish. It was exciting and as always fun to see
other missionaries, and members. THe church is so small here that
everyone knows everyone and the missionaries know all the members, so
it doesn't matter where you go you will always find someone who will
give you a big greeting. 
Another day another dollar, we are just living the life here in
angola, just trying to get by and make the magic happen. I am the
magic man so it is apart of my nature.

Elder Webber

Monday, February 20, 2017

"Dead Cat" Funeral....

Nothing much really happened this week, i had a super cool division back in Benfica with the one and only swaziland warrior elder dlamini. Its been a long time since i've seen him and its always a nice reunion. I also go to see some of my favorite benfica members while i was there and also on sunday at a fireside. Taric is getting ready to receive the higher priesthood, man as i look back to when he use to run away from us to the awesome life changing 180 degree changes he would make to now i get blown away. I also saw carlos and eduarda gain which always brings a huge smile to my face. We´ve just been trudging along, slowly making magic happen in the lives of our investigators. We are teaching a guy named Locas (who is the brother of Jota and Nani, who is the family that gave me cake on my B-day) and funny thing about this guy is that i passed by his house last year.. and if you remember he was the guy that said he wasn't lost and was happy where he was and i asked you for advice for what to do. Looks like after a year something happened because his desire to be baptized and be a member of the church like the rest of his family is HUGE! his sister nani said we might be the biggest miracle workers shes seen.. big complement... just doing the lords work and getting blessings after blessings

I also saw about 6 six year old kids walking in a group and usually its nothing just a bunch of random kids doing nothing, until i looked closer and what do my eyes behold... they were carry a stretcher with a dead cat on it. THey were taking it to the trash pile on the side of the road.. its was pretty interesting, i couldn't help but laugh.. it was just one of those things that you can only see here in angola.. jeez i love this country. We are also on a sweet diet.. it looks like elder bradshaw doesn't like it much but im gaining weight and getting tonned at the same time.. in the morning its granola, at lunch its chicken and pasta then at night its and egg sandwich with an apple and carrot, all day every day this is our meals... just nice and simple and easy gotta love it. I don't have any other news... wish i did but the days seem to be passing by way to fast for me to slow down and take it all in.. its pretty crazy seems like someone took the remote and put it on fast forward. Ill miss it thats for sure. 

Elder Webber

Monday, February 13, 2017

Cleaning the Font...

This week we had the baptism of Ruth and Feli which went all really well, even though we had to go the day before to clean it which usually isn't that bad to do.. the problem this time was that the cleaning closet was locked and the security didn't have the key for it... so i and elder delano (i was on a division) had to look around the chapel for some spare cleaning supplies... we found a bottle of hand soap in the bathroom, a nasty mop out in the garden, i could reach into the cleaning closet to grab a brush, a well used bowl in the kitchen and a nasty little garbage can.. Needless to say it wasn't looking too good before but we managed to make some magic happen and the font looked beautiful the day of... 

I also saw Valdemiro and Carlos that the chapel sunday during the baptism because they were getting interviewed for the melchizedek priesthood!! What a cool sight to see, they are doing so well and rumor on the street is that valdemiro and vanusa want to get sealed in utah.. Mother father we have plenty of space right?

Other than that we are just working hard on trying to teach all of the lessons to our investigators who have date.. We are running back and forth trying to squeeze everyone in.. With this new time and missionary agenda it's pretty rough but we are getting pretty creative and walking pretty fast to try and get everyone we need to in. Transfers are coming up and im kinda scared ill be transfered.. i would love to stay just 1 more in this area.. just one more that would be fantastic! Other then that its about it, just getting the good referrals every sunday.. our recent converts are keeping us pretty busy with all their friends and family. 

This week i saw a dead dog on the road.. we walk past it every morning.. 

Elder Webber

Monday, February 6, 2017

Happy Birthday...

Wow what an email... fun birthday party, pregancy and a whole ton of news... thats fun. My birthday was pretty cool, we went up to benfica to play some sports and i got to spend some time with Elder Mitchell and talk to him about life, i always enjoy having a chat with him. We came back and rested for a little bit before it was off to the Gorgel family night... and they had a few people over there, Zico (the first councilor of our branch and one of my favorite people in angola) jota and his wife and Nani and a lot of other family members were there for the family night. We had a nice spiritual thought, and had tons of food... and surprise to me but they bring out a birthday cake for me to enjoy and sang happy birthday.. luckily Elder Bradshaw got it all on film so its all good. It was a fun birthday, didn't get to spend it with my family but i got to spent it with some of my favorite people here in angola and people that i have come to love so much. 

The work roles on here in angola. We will have 2 more baptism this next week, Ruth who is the sister of Irina.. these 2 sisters are really special. they are really cool, and love to help us out in any way they can, one thing this week that irina did was give a a n awesome referral for a man called miguel.. and i have never seen anyone so prepared by the lord as i have with this man. Its pretty easy being  a missionary here in this area when the lord just places people into your lap for you to teach. THe other baptism is Feli the best friend of Felipe who was baptized a little bit ago.. hes a little bit slower but he has a big time desire to do what is right.. Serving here in Nova Vida is a ton of fun... its really different from how it was back last year when i was first here... back then i thought many times if i put my leg in front of this moving car at the perfect time itll break without to much pain and i'll be able to rest and relax... but now this area is rolling in the deep with some sweet blessings... Still sunday afternoons blow.. just because all of our investigators and recent converts are at the church practicing with the district choir #funkyfresh

Other then that nothing much don't have to much news for your guys.. the work continues.. 

Elder Webber