Monday, February 29, 2016

A Great area!

This week was awesome, we found out this week that 2 new elders where coming into the area and branch next to us... and guess who one of them is.. that right ELDER MITCHELL!! the boy, so that was sweet to see him and help them move tuesday.. super fun day, spent the day with president and his wife and elder sister henry, and a couple elders moving from thier old appartment. Then the next day was zone conference, which is super cool because there are only 2 zones in the whole mission, so you get to see half the elders there which is sweet. But up there at zone conference we watched the missionary broadcast from SLC, Elders Bednar, Anderson, oaks, and stevenson all spoke and gave some great missionary training. It was awesome, learned a ton that will be super helpful in this area, but on the way back it rained so we couldnt get any taxis back to our area.. so we had to walk 2 and a half hours to an area where we could get a taxi and rode that taxi for 20 min until we were finally back in our area.. so needless to say it was a very productive unproductive day.. 

but with that being said.. this week was one of the best weeks this area has ever seen.. my  comp and i have tested and proved obedience.. we honestly dont have enough hours in the day to visit all of our appoitments and investigators and recent converts.. its super frustrating.. we already have a ton of investigators yet we are continually recieveing more and more refferals and we dont dare knock doors because of the fear of getting let in and not having enough time to come back and visit them.. its super frustrating.. so many people, so many appoitments.. so little time!!! But we are trying our best almost sprinting from lesson to lesson so we dont get behind on time. 

Its a great feeling to have... my comp and i have a couple that will be baptized this transfer, and we found out this week that he has a brother who is a member that lives by savers down in orem.. It was crazy hahaha there was an angolan just down the street from us.. super cool to find that out..

other then that all is good, some crazy experinces that ill wait to tell as to not fully scare or worry mother

Elder Webber 

Monday, February 22, 2016

In The New Area

New area and its awesome! My new comapnion is Elder Delano from norhtern cali and hes a boss,, this area has a ton of potential and they were dong great last transfer, but after walking around for a week we realized that we can really make this area exlpode this transfer so we are super excited just to go to work, we have a ton of investigators of all sorts of ages that keep all thier commitments and show up to church, we had 12 come to church this week... so different from the usual 2 or 3 that we got in the last area. So we quickly set out to get the investigators that were waiting on marriage documents to hurry a bit and to set plans with them to get marriged within the next month, we have 2 families that are super close to getting married they just need to choose a date and get the final paperwork done. We also have 4 young women that are awesome, they go to chruch they go to seminary and they are bringing all of thier friends with them to learn more! its great to see investigators alreayd being memebers and bringing people into the chruch. We are super excited to see this area just explode! 

This week has also been a ton of fun because im not in a trio...trios are fun and all and i loved my last comapnions but they are also 3 times harder then the normal missionary companionship, because someone always gets left out becuase the side walks are only big enought for 2 poeple... its like 3rd whelling on a date... and its rotates, one week its one elder the next its another.. so theres always problems to deal with... but being in a normal duo feels absolutly amazing and its a god send! we just walk and talk and the days seem like a blink, we just but in work, we teach with a powerful spirit and we have fun while doing! It took me a long time to get back to the normal 2 person teaching, but after a few days we are in the rythm of things and we are quickly starting to take off it feels amazing!! 

Well well well, .. as we say here in Angola Doxy (malaria pills) and water and all your problems will go away! ill be sending some your way:) 

Also the food here is pretty simple... you just get some kind of flour, beans or meat throw it into some water and boil and stir.. then eat it.. pretty simple and when they get fancy with the spicies it gets dang good!! i weigh about 188 right now... but i work out a ton in the day, we have weights in our apartment so that weight isnt bad wieht.. gotta love it! its always bulking season here in africa!! 

Elder Webber

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Baptism and a Transfer

Pretty crazy week here on the mission, first to start it off it we had interviews with president and that's always an eye opening experience and this time was for sure a crazy one, Always super nice to sit down with president and just talk, talk about whatever and as always an inspired man. My testimony grew big time about that, i had a question for him all week and as soon as i sat down i hadnt even said a word and the first thing he says was exactly what i needed to here and pretty much a direct response for my question! It was crazy! but interviews with president are always interesting especially since this last week was the last week of the transfer... it was on the same day as carnival and we had to get home early as to avoid any risk of danger so that day wasnt to good for missionary work, but the rest of the week was pretty good. 

But also Marilia was baptized!! and what great faith this lady has... we called her at 8 to make sure she was awake and ready to go, to get to the chruch at 9, but she said she already left, so we were super excited! we catch a taxi and head off to the chapel and get there but marilia isn't there... where is she.. she should be here by now.. we look everywhere but nothing, around 855 we are sititng our side trying to call and find out where she is when she suddenly comes walking through the gate looking absolutely beat! We run up to her asking her what happened and she said that she left at 745 because she didnt have any cash for taxis so she had to walk all the way from here house to the chapel... now remember this isnt like utah where the chapel is a hop skip and a jump down the street.. this chapel is about 1.5 to 2 miles away from her house!!!! It was crazy.. she didnt have breakfast, she walked for an hour and a half in the blazing african sun to be baptized.. i almost shed a tear!! the baptism was beautiful, she left the water and had couldnt move she was in a glass case of emotion.. haha but you could tell that this baptism meant a lot for her, i had the chance to confirm her a member and that was a super cool expereince.. Shes awesome and im super sad to leave her..

because im leaving this area.. sad day.. from the first day here to now its been a long time, its been a lot of hard work and have truly grown to love everyone here in this area, i will miss it dearly, i opened this area my first day here in the mission and stayed with it until we finally got it progressing really well. It been a lot of hard work and i couldnt be happier with the work that i have accomplished here, im leaving this area with zero regrets knowing that i have given 100 percent into it. Ill miss all the wonderful members, investigators and esspecially my recent converts, but i have no doubt ill see them again since the church here is so small.. On to Viana!! 

Elder Webber

Monday, February 8, 2016

Translating and Temple work..

Just another week here in the mission, but heres a cool experience i had the opportunity yesterday at church to translate for a member.. it was quite difficult especially because the microphone didnt work so i could barely hear the speakers but from what i thought i did pretty well and it was super nice to help her understand what is going on. It was really cool to see how far my language abilities have come along. I have been incredibly blessed by the lord in this language and in this mission. 

Maridia is progressing very nicely, this last week we had the chance to teach her about family history and temple work. When we told her that those who passed away had the opportunity to accept the gospel so we could live with them forever her eyes light up like the fourth of July!  She was so interested and when we were done she said quietly.. "I would love to do this work for my mother" ohhhh it was incredible the spirit in that lesson, you could tell she loved her mother so much and wanted dearly to be with her again, and when she found out a way and a path to do it she wanted to follow. It was a huge testimony builder to know this is why im here.. this is why the gospel is in place.. this is why the savior suffered for us.. so those that we have had to say a painful goodbye to can as well live with us in the next life. It was a great experience and she is getting more and more excited for you baptism which should be happening this upcoming week.

We also have some incredible members in our area.. yesterday we spent some time going around our new area and getting to know all the member that live in our area.. and boy are they awesome, just knock on the door and as soon as they see us they invite us in, set us down give us drinks crackers food and all sorts of goodies.. They love the missionaries but more importantly they love the gospel more, they are always giving us peeople to teach and visit.. they want to see the church grow so bad. 

Other then that nothing much happened, missing the snow like crazy, we had a pretty bad rain and lighting storm this week, made me think back to the summer storms in Utah.. oh how i miss the cold so much! 

Elder Webber