Monday, February 8, 2016

Translating and Temple work..

Just another week here in the mission, but heres a cool experience i had the opportunity yesterday at church to translate for a member.. it was quite difficult especially because the microphone didnt work so i could barely hear the speakers but from what i thought i did pretty well and it was super nice to help her understand what is going on. It was really cool to see how far my language abilities have come along. I have been incredibly blessed by the lord in this language and in this mission. 

Maridia is progressing very nicely, this last week we had the chance to teach her about family history and temple work. When we told her that those who passed away had the opportunity to accept the gospel so we could live with them forever her eyes light up like the fourth of July!  She was so interested and when we were done she said quietly.. "I would love to do this work for my mother" ohhhh it was incredible the spirit in that lesson, you could tell she loved her mother so much and wanted dearly to be with her again, and when she found out a way and a path to do it she wanted to follow. It was a huge testimony builder to know this is why im here.. this is why the gospel is in place.. this is why the savior suffered for us.. so those that we have had to say a painful goodbye to can as well live with us in the next life. It was a great experience and she is getting more and more excited for you baptism which should be happening this upcoming week.

We also have some incredible members in our area.. yesterday we spent some time going around our new area and getting to know all the member that live in our area.. and boy are they awesome, just knock on the door and as soon as they see us they invite us in, set us down give us drinks crackers food and all sorts of goodies.. They love the missionaries but more importantly they love the gospel more, they are always giving us peeople to teach and visit.. they want to see the church grow so bad. 

Other then that nothing much happened, missing the snow like crazy, we had a pretty bad rain and lighting storm this week, made me think back to the summer storms in Utah.. oh how i miss the cold so much! 

Elder Webber

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