Monday, January 30, 2017

Changes and Good Work...

First things first Shout out to Elder Mills for being the boy! but nothing new this week, i'm alive and good.. we have a whole new way for missionary work as announced by the church, you guys probably already heard about it but it completely changed our times for p-day and for the regular days, also changed our key indicators and a whole lot of stuff. When president announced it in our leadership conference this week we couldn't stop from freaking out. I felt like a little school girl who got a letter from her lover... Its pretty cool though, takes off a lot of stress and gives us a lot more freedom with our schedule and allows us to focus more on the people who are most important and not worry about numbers or anything like that. So its really nice. 

Also tereza was baptized this week.. and this baptism was a rough one.. we had to run around day of to try and find people to talk, and pray and all that good stuff... its was a little adventure and wouldn't be a baptism here in angola without a little challenge. We also started teaching her brothers which went super well, we are excited to finally get this whole family in the church and be members. Irina and Ruth are doing awesome as well, they are bring new people to church every week. Its so nice to have awesome members who do the finding for you so you can teach people. Blessings for awesome recent converts. 

Other than that not a lot happened Elder Bradshaw and i are having a ton of fun and doing work. The blessings just keep coming in and it looks like this month will be quite the month for the nova vida branch so its all looking up for us here. To add on top of that i found a weight in our house and with this new rule of having to be home at 8 we have a lot of time to work out and get swole... so i guess you can say i'm getting spiritual swole and physically swole all at the same time #blessings

Happy Birthday momma, always been a great example of selfless service, especially on your birthday when you focused everything on me and took away from you.. or at least you thought it took the attention away from you... i saw it.. boy did i see it.. and for which i will be eternally grateful. Thank you for all your love and compassion for me, through the rough and easy i could always count of you to be there for me.. Love you momma.. 35 hasn't looked so good. 

I will also really need to go on a huge shopping trip to get some new clothes and goodies...i am in desperate need. 

Elder Webber

Monday, January 23, 2017

Working with Members,.... and Dogs

This week was fun, not a whole lot of news, we just put in work and are working super well with the members.. to be quite honest missionary work is pretty easy when you are obedient, diligent, smart and work with the members. When you do all that the lord just pours out blessings on blessings. Also this week we had a fun time seeing some old investigators of mine from a year ago and it seems like that 1 did a whole lot of good for them. They are all super prepared and doing really well which is super fun. 

One investigator if Locas. He is one of my favorites for sure, he an older guy but is super funny and while we were at his house yesterday we walked by his great dane which is always chained up.. but for some reason yesterday the dog decided to snap the chain and came sprinting for us... my comp took off flying and the dog bit his bag bad.. hahahahahaha we finally get away from it and inside and safe from the dog.. but after our lesson we go back outside after locas saying that the dog was chained up and good and i walk out first and what happened but the dog once again breaks the chain and runs right for me... my comp runs away and closes the door to the house leaving me and locas outside to fend for ourselves... turns out the dog just wanted to play and wasn't wanting to attacked... so it all turned out well... just a good little fright and scare and a very good laugh after. 

Its all fun here in angola.. nothing new just doing the usual work and trying to survive.. we are having a ton of success and getting a ton of blessings...

Elder Webber

Monday, January 16, 2017

Three Baptisms and a Lost Camera

We had 3 baptisms this week, Irina, Felipe, and Claudio, and it might have been the most spiritual baptism i have had on my whole mission. We had  3 and the APs had 2 so we were all there together and what a great experience. Irina got up and shared you testimony and it was beautiful, short, simple and quite powerful. Its always fun to see the testimonies that your investigators have especially after such a great spiritual experience like a baptism. THis baptism only started about 30 minutes late and there was zero problems...clothes were there and clean, font was filled and clean, members of the branch showed up and support, and a little cake and some drinks were provided after by a wonderful member in our branch... twas chill twas cool.

Sadly i don't have any photos but i'm not sure if i lost my camera or it was stolen.. either way its no where to be found. Luckily it was only 100 photos or so, so i still have quite a lot of photos from my mission. 

Elder mills is also going home and that was fun to work with him this last week, he was a super cool companion and ill miss him daily but he set a great example for me and others on how to work the last week of the mission and to live in the moment and not wait for the finish line. Gladly, however, I will receive Elder Bradshaw into my area,a great friend that Elder Mitchell and i met in the MTC way back in the day. We was our district leader this transfer and i loved my divisions with him so needless to say i'm excited for this next transfer. Other than that nothing much happened.. i think i'm hitting a growth spirt because i have grown and i am always sleepy... i get home and just knock out for days.

Im back to my area, back to my awesome investigators and members, but with my dying companion.. life is going well,the weather isn't bad, and i'm gaining weight... not too shabby.. can't complain... 

Also what do you think would be better, you guys putting like a couple hundred on my card to buy a camera here, or you guys just sending one? either way i'm good with it..

Elder Webber

"Trudging" Along...

Boy was this week a fun week, on Tuesday after a solid day of work the APs give us a call saying that i was going to be doing a week long division with the other missionaries because there was a missionary who was seriously sick and needed to rest. SO with that i packed up my goodies and headed off to futungo (the other half of our branch) and in a brand new house... and when i say brand new i mean to the mission... the whole week we had zero water.. so that means bucket showers for dayzzzzz, there were 2 days where we had zero energy so i would go to sleep sweating and study sweating as well. Lets just say that this week helped turn me into a man. It was a ton of fun but i am so happy to finally be back in my area and see all my investigators.. when your out of your area for a little bit it seems like you are out for years... its pretty rough. 

Other than that nothing really happened. We just had a ton of fun trying to get by with limited drinking and bathing water. I got to walk with Elder Dube which was fun. Hes a cool guy from south africa that walks about as fast as i can run.. hes been in his mission for about a month and has this kind of fire in him.... i remember back in my days when i use to have that fire... it was so hot it would burn my face.... *cough *cough im experienced.... I had a ton of fun though learning about the other area and seeing some new faces and people.. its always fun to get to know the other side of the branch. 

Lots of fun, lots of cool stuff.. im alive.. 

Elder Webber

Monday, January 2, 2017

Divisions and a Monkey

Fun filled week this week with divisions with some of our beloved district leaders. With the holidays around every corner we really have to take advantage of the days we don't have anything and get to work doing our divisions. FIrst one was with beloved elder Bradshaw, who is one of the funniest missionaries i know. We had a lot of fun walking together and teaching it was really enjoyable. After that i walked with ELder Mashalaba in his area which happened to be in the Benfica branch, so i got to pass by some of the members houses and see some familiar faces which was quite honestly a big boost of energy and motivation. Other then that, that division was pretty rough.. that house was pretty thugly, i finally had to take my first bucket shower here in angola.. i went a year and a half not taking a single bucket shower which was a miracle but it finally came to an end this weekend... i was pretty sad about my record getting broken but oh well live continues on. 

This week i saw a monkey on a mans shoulder... that was pretty cool, we just watched him walk through the crowd with his monkey looking around eating what appeared to be part of an apple. So thats animal sighting number 2. We also had to be in at 18 on saturday and had to stay in all day long on sunday.. and boy let me tell you what. missionary work without the work is like a snail stuck in glue.. it goes by soooooooooo slow. Luckily we have the APS living in our same condo so we got to play some games, chat and make some food together. Days like yesterday make me appreciate the days out in the hot sun. Though it was nice to lay down and rest for a little with was sooo long and not really that fun, at least with walking out in the sun the times flies by a whole lot faster. Other then that nothing really happened. All our investigators are doing really well and 4 of them should be getting baptized next week. WE will see how that goes. 

Elder Webber