Monday, January 2, 2017

Divisions and a Monkey

Fun filled week this week with divisions with some of our beloved district leaders. With the holidays around every corner we really have to take advantage of the days we don't have anything and get to work doing our divisions. FIrst one was with beloved elder Bradshaw, who is one of the funniest missionaries i know. We had a lot of fun walking together and teaching it was really enjoyable. After that i walked with ELder Mashalaba in his area which happened to be in the Benfica branch, so i got to pass by some of the members houses and see some familiar faces which was quite honestly a big boost of energy and motivation. Other then that, that division was pretty rough.. that house was pretty thugly, i finally had to take my first bucket shower here in angola.. i went a year and a half not taking a single bucket shower which was a miracle but it finally came to an end this weekend... i was pretty sad about my record getting broken but oh well live continues on. 

This week i saw a monkey on a mans shoulder... that was pretty cool, we just watched him walk through the crowd with his monkey looking around eating what appeared to be part of an apple. So thats animal sighting number 2. We also had to be in at 18 on saturday and had to stay in all day long on sunday.. and boy let me tell you what. missionary work without the work is like a snail stuck in glue.. it goes by soooooooooo slow. Luckily we have the APS living in our same condo so we got to play some games, chat and make some food together. Days like yesterday make me appreciate the days out in the hot sun. Though it was nice to lay down and rest for a little with was sooo long and not really that fun, at least with walking out in the sun the times flies by a whole lot faster. Other then that nothing really happened. All our investigators are doing really well and 4 of them should be getting baptized next week. WE will see how that goes. 

Elder Webber

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