Monday, January 23, 2017

Working with Members,.... and Dogs

This week was fun, not a whole lot of news, we just put in work and are working super well with the members.. to be quite honest missionary work is pretty easy when you are obedient, diligent, smart and work with the members. When you do all that the lord just pours out blessings on blessings. Also this week we had a fun time seeing some old investigators of mine from a year ago and it seems like that 1 did a whole lot of good for them. They are all super prepared and doing really well which is super fun. 

One investigator if Locas. He is one of my favorites for sure, he an older guy but is super funny and while we were at his house yesterday we walked by his great dane which is always chained up.. but for some reason yesterday the dog decided to snap the chain and came sprinting for us... my comp took off flying and the dog bit his bag bad.. hahahahahaha we finally get away from it and inside and safe from the dog.. but after our lesson we go back outside after locas saying that the dog was chained up and good and i walk out first and what happened but the dog once again breaks the chain and runs right for me... my comp runs away and closes the door to the house leaving me and locas outside to fend for ourselves... turns out the dog just wanted to play and wasn't wanting to attacked... so it all turned out well... just a good little fright and scare and a very good laugh after. 

Its all fun here in angola.. nothing new just doing the usual work and trying to survive.. we are having a ton of success and getting a ton of blessings...

Elder Webber

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