Monday, January 16, 2017

Three Baptisms and a Lost Camera

We had 3 baptisms this week, Irina, Felipe, and Claudio, and it might have been the most spiritual baptism i have had on my whole mission. We had  3 and the APs had 2 so we were all there together and what a great experience. Irina got up and shared you testimony and it was beautiful, short, simple and quite powerful. Its always fun to see the testimonies that your investigators have especially after such a great spiritual experience like a baptism. THis baptism only started about 30 minutes late and there was zero problems...clothes were there and clean, font was filled and clean, members of the branch showed up and support, and a little cake and some drinks were provided after by a wonderful member in our branch... twas chill twas cool.

Sadly i don't have any photos but i'm not sure if i lost my camera or it was stolen.. either way its no where to be found. Luckily it was only 100 photos or so, so i still have quite a lot of photos from my mission. 

Elder mills is also going home and that was fun to work with him this last week, he was a super cool companion and ill miss him daily but he set a great example for me and others on how to work the last week of the mission and to live in the moment and not wait for the finish line. Gladly, however, I will receive Elder Bradshaw into my area,a great friend that Elder Mitchell and i met in the MTC way back in the day. We was our district leader this transfer and i loved my divisions with him so needless to say i'm excited for this next transfer. Other than that nothing much happened.. i think i'm hitting a growth spirt because i have grown and i am always sleepy... i get home and just knock out for days.

Im back to my area, back to my awesome investigators and members, but with my dying companion.. life is going well,the weather isn't bad, and i'm gaining weight... not too shabby.. can't complain... 

Also what do you think would be better, you guys putting like a couple hundred on my card to buy a camera here, or you guys just sending one? either way i'm good with it..

Elder Webber

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