Monday, January 30, 2017

Changes and Good Work...

First things first Shout out to Elder Mills for being the boy! but nothing new this week, i'm alive and good.. we have a whole new way for missionary work as announced by the church, you guys probably already heard about it but it completely changed our times for p-day and for the regular days, also changed our key indicators and a whole lot of stuff. When president announced it in our leadership conference this week we couldn't stop from freaking out. I felt like a little school girl who got a letter from her lover... Its pretty cool though, takes off a lot of stress and gives us a lot more freedom with our schedule and allows us to focus more on the people who are most important and not worry about numbers or anything like that. So its really nice. 

Also tereza was baptized this week.. and this baptism was a rough one.. we had to run around day of to try and find people to talk, and pray and all that good stuff... its was a little adventure and wouldn't be a baptism here in angola without a little challenge. We also started teaching her brothers which went super well, we are excited to finally get this whole family in the church and be members. Irina and Ruth are doing awesome as well, they are bring new people to church every week. Its so nice to have awesome members who do the finding for you so you can teach people. Blessings for awesome recent converts. 

Other than that not a lot happened Elder Bradshaw and i are having a ton of fun and doing work. The blessings just keep coming in and it looks like this month will be quite the month for the nova vida branch so its all looking up for us here. To add on top of that i found a weight in our house and with this new rule of having to be home at 8 we have a lot of time to work out and get swole... so i guess you can say i'm getting spiritual swole and physically swole all at the same time #blessings

Happy Birthday momma, always been a great example of selfless service, especially on your birthday when you focused everything on me and took away from you.. or at least you thought it took the attention away from you... i saw it.. boy did i see it.. and for which i will be eternally grateful. Thank you for all your love and compassion for me, through the rough and easy i could always count of you to be there for me.. Love you momma.. 35 hasn't looked so good. 

I will also really need to go on a huge shopping trip to get some new clothes and goodies...i am in desperate need. 

Elder Webber

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