Monday, January 16, 2017

"Trudging" Along...

Boy was this week a fun week, on Tuesday after a solid day of work the APs give us a call saying that i was going to be doing a week long division with the other missionaries because there was a missionary who was seriously sick and needed to rest. SO with that i packed up my goodies and headed off to futungo (the other half of our branch) and in a brand new house... and when i say brand new i mean to the mission... the whole week we had zero water.. so that means bucket showers for dayzzzzz, there were 2 days where we had zero energy so i would go to sleep sweating and study sweating as well. Lets just say that this week helped turn me into a man. It was a ton of fun but i am so happy to finally be back in my area and see all my investigators.. when your out of your area for a little bit it seems like you are out for years... its pretty rough. 

Other than that nothing really happened. We just had a ton of fun trying to get by with limited drinking and bathing water. I got to walk with Elder Dube which was fun. Hes a cool guy from south africa that walks about as fast as i can run.. hes been in his mission for about a month and has this kind of fire in him.... i remember back in my days when i use to have that fire... it was so hot it would burn my face.... *cough *cough im experienced.... I had a ton of fun though learning about the other area and seeing some new faces and people.. its always fun to get to know the other side of the branch. 

Lots of fun, lots of cool stuff.. im alive.. 

Elder Webber

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