Monday, June 26, 2017

A Intense week... And Loving a Companion

This week i was in an glass case of emotion on an emotional rollercoaster. It started off with the stress of the classes and that good stuff, then it was a district meeting with zero lessons after, moved to trying to get to the mission office for my comps interview, on friday it was a division with elder sena the zone leader and the majority of our lessons fell through including our baptismal interview, so after all the appointments falling we went to an integration night at the church and it was a surprise farewell that the branch made for me.. its was pretty sweet.. so saturday was the day that would only happen a week before the end of the mission. We left early to try and get a baptismal interview.. we did it but he didn't pass so hell get baptized a little later.. no big deal.. we then had to run all the way across our area to do the other interview with Ivandro who turned out had to be interviewed by president.. ahhhh so we had to catch a taxi and ride 30 minutes to the zone leaders house to met my comp and president, we go in president's car and went all the way back to our area to do the interview... and he passed!! (after 10 months of drought Quifica will finally have a baptism!!!!) After we had to leave president and sprint up to a lesson at around 4, during the lesson my brain wasn't working due to the concussions of my life, stress, and hunger (we didn't have food from 7 am until 6pm) so after that lesson we went to another lessons which thankfully we had a nice meal after wards.. It was VERY stressful but we taught some sweet lessons and got Ivandro ready for baptism so its all good. 

I love this area and this branch. We are teaching some families that i just love, the kids look up to us so much and i fell like a superhero every time we walk into their houses. Thats probably gonna be the hardest part about leaving. Also my comp just gets cooler and cooler as the days go by.. its been so much fun serving with him.. i would happily stay 2 more transfers if i could serve with him. Hes super funny and we are a lot a like.. so its never a bad moment.. i've never once been frustrated or upset at my companion and he feels the same way.. i've been on cloud nine all transfer long its all been going super well. Other then the fact that i have an overwhelming feeling of sadness about leaving this branch and country. I love all the people here, theres some people that if i could i would bring them home with me and stay with them or come back regularly to visit them, and though i feel this sadness about leaving i'm trying to keep smiling and be happy making good memories for myself and others so i don't leave like a johnny rain cloud. 

Elder Webber

food preference i'm not bothered.. its whatever.. but ill  have a couple of sweet surprises for you guys when i get home... i think you'll all love it

Monday, June 12, 2017

Loosing fat and going to miss Angola...

Well another day another dollar. Ive lost a lot of fat but ive put on a little bit of muscle because i do work outs twice a day.. once in the morning as i should and again at night. Since we have 2 and a half hours to stay at home at night and reading the PMG gets old after a while i've been doing work outs at night.. i've felt pretty good so i ain't mad about it at all. All the members though say that i'm thinning down and that ill disappear soon.. they just don't under stand that i'm loosing the fat reserve i've gained on my mission and replacing it with muscle.. but it still doesn't stop them from offering us lunch so once again.. i aint mad. 

We had zone conference this week, my last zone conference of the mission. It was pretty strange, as always we had the missionaries leaving share their testimonies, so elder delano, elder mitchell, and i (the only 3 leaving this transfer) got up and shared our testimony.. its slowly starting to hit me that here in a couple of weeks i wont be walking around these angolan streets any more and ill be back at home. Back to crappy social media, school work, sucky live drama and having to actually work.. not gonna lie i would rather stay on the mission. SO with that said i've been trying to live it up and do as much as i can here so i can savour the flavour of angola and living here. Its been fun and ill miss it terribly. 

I don't have much of anything to say.. the days are all flying by and i cant seem to distinguish between this week and last week. Just gonna say its all good here in the hood, we are doing work and having fun while we do it. Ive changed a lot in my opinion, and i love the changes that i've made.. i feel great about life and excited to put in work after the mission as i did here on the mission. 

Elder Webber

Monday, June 5, 2017

In LOVE with Angola and looking forward to a REAL Shower

This week i saw a guy cutting a metal pole with an electric saw in only a short shorts and a tank top with his buddy behind him welding also only in short shorts and a tank top with only sunglasses to protect his eyes, he had spark flying all over and around him... its just one of those things that you see here in angola that just makes me giggle. We had a fun week this week trying to help a few of our investigators get to church and progress towards baptism.. we should have 3 this month so i guess we will see how it goes. We once again were out of water for a few days this week, it'll be strange to come back home and actually have energy and water consistently and to actually take a warm shower... i don't remember the last time i took a real shower with warm water.. MENTAL STRENGTH!! WE had a fun family night last night, Paulo and Helga were there with a lot of other members.I really have grown to love family night, not only because its one of the only times that we can have fun but also because it works miracles with families. WE played a fun game were we had to imitate a cat.. its was funny. 

The word on the street is that the benfica branch will split again this month on the 25... which i'm dreading... i wanted the branch to stay the same the whole time until i went home.. but it hasn't been confirmed yet so hopefully it'll happen after i go home which would be really nice. Im loving my companion.. hes grown to be one of my favorite companions on the mission.. we are really a like so its easy to work with him and live with him. Its been super cool to be able to serve with a companion like him for my last 2 transfers. These transfers have flown by and its crazy to see the weeks pass by one after another. 

That would be cool if we could go to the provo city center temple.. i would like that a lot.. Also speaking of elder mitchell.. he hasn't received his talk assignment.. i assumed it was the same as mine so i already told him about it a little bit ago but i just wanted to confirm it with you. 

Other then that theres nothing new.. the work continues.. trying to make the moments last with all the members and investigators and trying to take in all the wonderful things here in angola... many people don't like this country... but i have fallen in love with the culture, land, and people.. I would do anything, if i could come back and live here for a little after the mission. Words can't explain how awesome this place is

Elder Webber