Monday, June 5, 2017

In LOVE with Angola and looking forward to a REAL Shower

This week i saw a guy cutting a metal pole with an electric saw in only a short shorts and a tank top with his buddy behind him welding also only in short shorts and a tank top with only sunglasses to protect his eyes, he had spark flying all over and around him... its just one of those things that you see here in angola that just makes me giggle. We had a fun week this week trying to help a few of our investigators get to church and progress towards baptism.. we should have 3 this month so i guess we will see how it goes. We once again were out of water for a few days this week, it'll be strange to come back home and actually have energy and water consistently and to actually take a warm shower... i don't remember the last time i took a real shower with warm water.. MENTAL STRENGTH!! WE had a fun family night last night, Paulo and Helga were there with a lot of other members.I really have grown to love family night, not only because its one of the only times that we can have fun but also because it works miracles with families. WE played a fun game were we had to imitate a cat.. its was funny. 

The word on the street is that the benfica branch will split again this month on the 25... which i'm dreading... i wanted the branch to stay the same the whole time until i went home.. but it hasn't been confirmed yet so hopefully it'll happen after i go home which would be really nice. Im loving my companion.. hes grown to be one of my favorite companions on the mission.. we are really a like so its easy to work with him and live with him. Its been super cool to be able to serve with a companion like him for my last 2 transfers. These transfers have flown by and its crazy to see the weeks pass by one after another. 

That would be cool if we could go to the provo city center temple.. i would like that a lot.. Also speaking of elder mitchell.. he hasn't received his talk assignment.. i assumed it was the same as mine so i already told him about it a little bit ago but i just wanted to confirm it with you. 

Other then that theres nothing new.. the work continues.. trying to make the moments last with all the members and investigators and trying to take in all the wonderful things here in angola... many people don't like this country... but i have fallen in love with the culture, land, and people.. I would do anything, if i could come back and live here for a little after the mission. Words can't explain how awesome this place is

Elder Webber

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