Monday, May 29, 2017

Pentecostals, Cockroaches and (no) Water..;;

Well this week was a fun week. We have 2 investigators who are confirmed baptism for this transfer and we are super excited about that.. Its been a long time since anyone in this area has seen the shining water of the baptismal font. We are slowly but surely getting this area to be super cool. The members are limited but awesome and the people that we are teaching are elect.. the weather is cooling down which is also really nice. We had a fun little lesson with one of our investigators and his "friend". THe investigator is on date and is doing really well, when we wanted to sit with him he invited his friend to come and sit with us as well.. BIG MISTAKE!! He a strong member from the a igreja assemblĂ©ia de deus pentecostal de angola  (the church of the assembly of god pentecostal of angola) Let me see if i can describe these people for you. They are great people with a lot of faith, and are very firm in their believes, but i would say that they are jehovah witness on steroids, but don't have as much bible knowledge. All they wanna do is bash and fight with their crazy.. and i mean CRAZY doctrine. Sooo long story short it was about an hour of trying to stay calm, testify of truths and trying not to enter into their mind games of bible bashing. Its pretty hard to do when you hear things like god is christ and they are a spirit the size of a building but went into a mortal body to teach people the truth with magical water and crazy healings. And that we don't need to be baptized by water before the holy ghost and blah blah blah... its was one of those moments we just had to sit and listen trying to not to laugh or blow a cap. It was a true test of patience.

Also we are having a war of wars in our house. Its currently us 2 against thousand of ants and hundreds of cockroaches and i'm sad to say that we are losing. It came to the point this week that as i ate my cereal i would see ants running around in it.. and i cant go hungry and the cereal was expensive so i am sad to say that i lowered my standards and kept eating.. Its become natural at this point. This is even after me sealing the cereal bag and putting it into 2 plastic bags.. they still get in! the refrigerator isnt even safe from cockroaches.. I also believe they play with us.. we will be studying or eating and they run on the ground wall just out of our reach taunting us.. its pretty frustrating. We were also out of water for 4 days this week and used all of our reserves.. we came of the 5th day after a long day of work and still.... nothing... so we tried our best to drink some water and clean our selves and went to bed... but around 10:50 i hear the rushing of water.. if sweet dew falling from heaven had a sound it would be this.. so i quickly got up, cleaned dirty dishes that have been there for days, filled the reserves and cleaned a little.. some would say it was disobedient.. but i say it was survival.. 

Thats about it.. the adventure continue and miracles keep popping up. Time is flying by and i'm trying to hold onto it as much as i can but the harder i work and the more i try to use my time with wisdom and have fun the faster the time flies.. pretty frustrating.. 

Shout out to Elder Brett Mills... you're a fubeca that i love and will see you on the hipster band-wagon soon

Elder Webber

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