Monday, May 22, 2017

"Just" Another Week...

This week was pretty cool nothing to big happened, we are just doing the usual work and having fun while we do it. We are finding new people and slowly getting this area to be an area that all missionaries would want to serve in. SO we continue on following the spirit and doing what we know best. Its interesting as i enter the last transfer how the lessons that i should learn are learned and the things that i need to become are slowing becoming. I
ts been fun to serve in a branch that i know and that i'm familiar with. WIth a lot of familiar faces and people its easy to work with the members and have fun while you do it. I also had a fun little division with Elder Mielacher, hes an Austrian. Hes super cool, its always fun going on a division and mixing things up a little bit. 

Other than that nothing's new, life continues on. 

We saw a car crash this week... that was pretty crazy.

Elder Webber

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