Monday, April 24, 2017

Walking and Teaching...

Other great week and a whole lot of walking around to try and firgure out where we are and what we want to do to find some new people. Turns out this area is full of legally married families that are very interested.. we found a ton of families this week that all really liked the message and want us to come back. Turns out this area isnt as bad as what they say it is.. i have no doubt that here in a little this area will be bumping like all the other areas here in angola.. its just a matter of time and getting into the peoples house. Thats the challenge, people are usually home but if you can find them and sit with them they are usually hooked right away.

Other then that again not a lot happened.. just the usual work and experencies the mission usually brings. I really dont have any news.. im sure a lot happened but right at this moment i have no idea what happened this week that was cool. We are working really well together, im enjoying my companion a lot and we are both learning a lot. I really enjoy how im perfecting in my portuguesse skills so thats a big time bonus. 

Thats about it, nothing new, just a whole lot of walking and teaching the first lesson. Welcome to white washing

Elder Webber

Monday, April 17, 2017

Cillin' Like a Boss--and Home July 7th

Well what a stress week it has been. I guess you can say that we have been walking around with no idea where we are more then once this week. But its a good thing that my companion is a boss. His name is elder Chiua and hes from mozambique.. He is the most humble missionary i have meet in my whole mission. He is very soft spoken and very kind. He is very obedient and diligent. He is every trainers dream. He doesn't talk a lot which i really like, he allows me to have my alone thinking time which i have truly come to value here on my mission. 

This week nothing cool really happened. Just a whole lot of exploring and trying to figure out where everything is. There isn't a whole lot of members in our area so we have had to been pretty creative in finding and teaching people, but as we work and are obedient the lord just throws the elect into our way.. Even though its rough at the beginning i have no doubt that here in a little this area will be bumping like many of the other areas here in angola.

As for a cool experience this week theres a part of our area that everytime we pass through i sing the cantina star wars song because this certain area looks exactly like the junkyard in the first star wars movie.. i swear that the people there look a little different from the others and there is junk everywhere!! car junk parts, random house parts, cement and blocks and all that good stuff, its just a huge market with animals and street side food.. sometimes i feel like i'm in the star wars movie and in a strange unknown planet.. needless to say its been a fun experience.. i wanna take a photo to show you but if i do ill get my hand cut off. so i prefer to not to. 

chillin like a boss

Elder Webber

Monday, April 10, 2017

Back (Closing out) in Benfica...

This week was an adventure as i was back in the benfica branch in the quifica area. Let me just give you a little background on this area.. Since its creation almost 8 months ago it has not had a single person baptized. and only a few people have been on date.. so the missionaries thoughts on this area are those of disgusts and hate.. so president saw it fit to send me in for a week to try and work a little magic there. It was nice to be back with familiar faces and people, but the first days were really hard to tell the truth.. it is not a "fun" area to be in.. not a lot of members.. and the people are only home late at night which makes it hard to contact. After a few days we started to make some magic happen though.. we found a sweet new investigator and his family. THis guy was really cool. His name is Hugo and it might have been the coolest first couple of lessons i might have ever had here on my mission. From that point on the spirit was guiding us around so that we could find some sweet investigators. Long story short this new area is full of the lord's elect.. you just have to have a up beat attitude and a desire to do the lord's will and from you can be rolling in the blessings in no time. 

So from that i guess president thought i would be better for me to go back to benfica and finish my mission in qualifica training a new missionary.. not gonna lie i am pretty excited for these next couple of transfers. It will be interesting to go back to the benfica branch and end my mission there, also fun fact.. i spent 6 transfers in nova vida and i will spend 8 in benfica.. they are 2 branches right next to each other.. so other than that i would have spent 1 transfer in Viana and 1 in arizona and 1 in the MTC... i'm the kinda guy that hates change so it looks like the lord and president both know that so they made me stay where i like to be.. Its been nice and im really looking forward to going back. 

Fun experience from this week, we had a service-project with an investigator.. we were cleaning out his house and he wanted us to kill all the mouse that we came across... soo he killed one by kicking it and having his dog bite it.. we killed another by smacking it with brooms.. and the last one my which is my personal favorite is when 2 rats fell into a pit that he dug in his back hard and they couldn't get out.. so we gathered around and grabbed a hand full of pebbles from a pile that was near by... and we simply stoned them.. it was a fun little experience.

Elder Webber

Monday, April 3, 2017

War-Stories and Faith...

Well this week i got some fun news.. For the last week of the transfer i will be doing a week long division.. again.. but this time in Qualifica.. which is in the benfica branch for which i am very excited! I get to spend one last week in benfica before i get transferred out of this zone.. i don't know where i'm going yet but my bet is that i go very very far away from this side of the city. I have spent 12 transfers in 2 areas that boarder one another.. so i would not be surprised if president transfered me far far away from here. either way im excited to see what happens. I also had a nice little flash back division with elder dum.. he came over with me to nova vida and it seemed like i was starting my mission all over again. It was interesting to see the improvement i have made and to serve with him again.. 

I had a couple cool experiences this week as we got to have lunch and socialize with a few of the older members of the branch and to sit and chat with grandpa Locas. They were telling us stories of the war that use to go one here and all the things that use to happen. Its crazy to think that the majority of the people that i have taught have been engaged in the war and how they all have such crazy stories. They have many cool stories about faith and doing what is right even though it might be a lot harder. It really gave me the appreciation and the realization that many of these members are big time pioneers in many many ways, i always enjoy sitting down and just listening to these people talk about the past and share stories of what has happened in their life. 

The time is flying by, but the experiences and miracles keep happening so its all good. 

Elder Webber