Monday, April 3, 2017

War-Stories and Faith...

Well this week i got some fun news.. For the last week of the transfer i will be doing a week long division.. again.. but this time in Qualifica.. which is in the benfica branch for which i am very excited! I get to spend one last week in benfica before i get transferred out of this zone.. i don't know where i'm going yet but my bet is that i go very very far away from this side of the city. I have spent 12 transfers in 2 areas that boarder one another.. so i would not be surprised if president transfered me far far away from here. either way im excited to see what happens. I also had a nice little flash back division with elder dum.. he came over with me to nova vida and it seemed like i was starting my mission all over again. It was interesting to see the improvement i have made and to serve with him again.. 

I had a couple cool experiences this week as we got to have lunch and socialize with a few of the older members of the branch and to sit and chat with grandpa Locas. They were telling us stories of the war that use to go one here and all the things that use to happen. Its crazy to think that the majority of the people that i have taught have been engaged in the war and how they all have such crazy stories. They have many cool stories about faith and doing what is right even though it might be a lot harder. It really gave me the appreciation and the realization that many of these members are big time pioneers in many many ways, i always enjoy sitting down and just listening to these people talk about the past and share stories of what has happened in their life. 

The time is flying by, but the experiences and miracles keep happening so its all good. 

Elder Webber

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