Monday, March 27, 2017

A "Chill" Week...

This week was chill. Just trying to find more people to teach to refill our teaching pool. 

I honestly don't have anything to say.. it was just another week, with the usual work. Its been really hot this week which was a fun experience. Everyone and their mom thinks that I'm burning because of how red my face gets from the heat.. some kids think that i have a little demon inside of me that wants to come out.. so when they that i simply snarl my nose and make of grunting noises and they all go sprinting off screaming... it's just one of those things that keeps me entertained nowadays. 

My time in this area is coming to a close which is really sad, i love the members here and the recent converts. It's been fun to work with them and do so many cool things, but i'm really excited to see where my last area will be. I have a lot of things that i want to do before i go home but looking at the time it doesn't seem like ill be able to do them all. I commitment, however, to make the best of my time here and to work hard until the fat lady sings.. 

Recently i've been praying to get revelations in my dreams just so i can become a sweet visionary and i think i'm slowly starting to get it.. i've had some cool dreams that felt very different from other dreams.. Ive been so worried my whole life that i wont do exactly what the lord wants so thats what i've been focusing on and trying to figure what he wants me to do.. it came to a point where i realized that really all i have to do is keep the commandments and follow that spirit and the lord's will but what he wants me to do into my life. So that's what i've been working on recently. 

Also i went back to Benfica on a division this last week, that was a ton of fun seeing all the old and familiar faces from the past.. cool stuff. 

Elder Webber

I should be good on money.. i don't spend much

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