Monday, March 6, 2017

Serving with Heart, Might, Mind and Strength...

Not a whole lot happened this week, the beginning of a new transfer is always fun and seems to be a new refresher of life. Im able to set some new goals, plan for the next few weeks and get ready for life. 

We are still working with the usual people helping them all get to baptism which they should all be baptized this transfer so we are VERY excited for that. We have a lot of very cool investigators that we are teaching that have their own desire to learn and to grow. 

We saw this week many many great examples of faith and of continuing through extreme trials. I have learned a lot of valuable lessons that have made me reconsider my life and the direction i am going. I also received many great revelations pertaining to my life and what i need to do in it. Needless to say it was a great week of reflection and thinking. One thing that i was very impressed with this week was a little talk by Glenn Beck called "An unlikely Mormon" and a talk by Brett Carpenter "the conversion story of a catholic priest" these two talks made me think a lot about my mission and made me a whole lot more grateful for the many many tender mercies and miracles i have received during my mission, and for sure this week was full of them. 

Locas is doing well, Jandira is sweet, Miguel is a boss, Joao is doing great. So many stories and things to say but so little time. Its a good thing i have a lot of time to write in my journal to try and save all that's going on. The work continues, funny things happen daily, members love us which is awesome because we got like 6 coconuts this week which was sooooooo goooood. We had to act like animals trying to open it up with kitchen knifes and break them against our concrete all in our apartment... soo much work but it was worth it.  

Sorry i don't have much to say, i don't really have that much of news or anything like that. It seems like yesterday i was emailing you guys. Dont worry mom i have all my memories written down for me to tell you when i get back home. Loving every step i take and enjoying the ride. As i serve with all my heart, might mind and strength i don't have any regrets which might be one of the best feelings ever.. missionaries with regrets are the worst kind. Also i saw Valdmiro, Joaguim and Nataneil this week, i got a nice huge hug from them all which was nice. Its always great to see members from benfica.. which is awesome because this week is district conference!! so pumped! 

Elder Webber

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