Monday, February 27, 2017

A Diamond Expert...

Fun week this week, its the last week of the transfer and we got news
that i will be staying for one more with elder bradshaw here in nova
vida and i am super excited for that. We are going to have a lot of
success this transfer since we spent a ton of time working hard last
transfer and getting a ton of people ready to get baptized, so we are
both really excited for this next transfer. We are doing the usual
work, and while i was on my division with elder jeyamby we were doing
our usual workouts at night and meet a guy in our condo who was super
cool. We spoke to him a little bit more and learned quite a lot about
his life and job and what not. His name his Felipe and works for a
diamond company, so i guess you can say now i'm a pro at diamonds and
telling how one is fake and real and all that good stuff. He shared
some pretty cool stories that i can only share in person. So when i
get home don't forget to remind me about Felipe.

We also got to go up and help out at the baptism of Maura a young
women that we use to teach in our area who moved and went to the inner
city. Its always fun to go and see the journey that you started with
people to finally finish. It was exciting and as always fun to see
other missionaries, and members. THe church is so small here that
everyone knows everyone and the missionaries know all the members, so
it doesn't matter where you go you will always find someone who will
give you a big greeting. 
Another day another dollar, we are just living the life here in
angola, just trying to get by and make the magic happen. I am the
magic man so it is apart of my nature.

Elder Webber

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