Monday, February 13, 2017

Cleaning the Font...

This week we had the baptism of Ruth and Feli which went all really well, even though we had to go the day before to clean it which usually isn't that bad to do.. the problem this time was that the cleaning closet was locked and the security didn't have the key for it... so i and elder delano (i was on a division) had to look around the chapel for some spare cleaning supplies... we found a bottle of hand soap in the bathroom, a nasty mop out in the garden, i could reach into the cleaning closet to grab a brush, a well used bowl in the kitchen and a nasty little garbage can.. Needless to say it wasn't looking too good before but we managed to make some magic happen and the font looked beautiful the day of... 

I also saw Valdemiro and Carlos that the chapel sunday during the baptism because they were getting interviewed for the melchizedek priesthood!! What a cool sight to see, they are doing so well and rumor on the street is that valdemiro and vanusa want to get sealed in utah.. Mother father we have plenty of space right?

Other than that we are just working hard on trying to teach all of the lessons to our investigators who have date.. We are running back and forth trying to squeeze everyone in.. With this new time and missionary agenda it's pretty rough but we are getting pretty creative and walking pretty fast to try and get everyone we need to in. Transfers are coming up and im kinda scared ill be transfered.. i would love to stay just 1 more in this area.. just one more that would be fantastic! Other then that its about it, just getting the good referrals every sunday.. our recent converts are keeping us pretty busy with all their friends and family. 

This week i saw a dead dog on the road.. we walk past it every morning.. 

Elder Webber

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