Monday, July 3, 2017

"Best and Worst" Week... and last...

Well this was the best/worst week to end on.. best because everything went exactly how we wanted it too. We taught a ton of lessons and after 10 long months of draught here in quifica theres finally a twinkling of water as Ivandro was baptized! Worst because everything went how we planned and the área is progressing perfectly. Its super hard to leave the mission after having a week like this where everything went perfectly and we didn't have any problems.. but life continues.

Since i don't have much news other then we had an awesome week i decided i would answer some commonly asked returned missionary questions,
1. Did i like my mission? stupid question doesn't even deserve an answer.. yes of course i LOVED it

2. Did you like the country? There is no other people that i love more then the people here in angola, i loved the culture and everything about this country. If i could come back regularly i would. 

3. Do you have any funny stories? To be honest all the stories that i have are centered around the work, i didn't have time to joke around and make memories like that, i came to serve a mission, not have a cultural experience.

4. Did you make friends on your mission? My goal for the mission was to serve a mission, not to make friends, the friends that i made came as a blessing from the lord for my hard work and diligence. But with that being said, i made many life long friends that i will never Forget, and i hope to see again and will continue to speak with.

5. Do you want to come home? Yes and No, do i want to leave this country... no. Do i want to leave these people... no. do i want to stop being a missionary.. at this point no. but i'm excited to come back home and start the next chapter of my life, i know all things must come to an end and i came to terms with that. Im excited to see what else life has for me. 

6. Do you have any regrets? Yes of course i do, im human. But i'm comforted in the fact that in every single second that i served i strove to be exactly obedient, and diligent. SO i don't have any regrets that plague me.

My number one goal for my mission was to serve in such a way that in the last week of my mission and on the last day i would get the feeling of the lord saying well done thy good and faithful servant. You did all what i sent you to do and i am pleased with the work you have done. Im glad to say that this last week i have had an overwhelming feeling of exactly what i just described. I know i worked with all my heart might mind and strength to be exactly obedient and to work hard so that i could be the tool the lord needed to do his work here in angola. I will be terribly sad leaving this country and these people, i will be missing it with all my heart and i will have a huge desire to come back and visit regularly, but i will be able to come home with a smile on my face and a weight off my shoulders knowing that i did all that i could and worked as hard as i could to be the missionary i needed to be. 

Elder Webber