Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas-Time in Angola

Nothings new, just doing the usual work and having fun. I had a couple
of cool divisions this week in which i learned a lot. Its always fun
to be able to head off with other missionaries to learn from them and
to see what they have to say and how they teach. The christmas season
is here in angola and all the branches had super fun branch parties
which might be one of the best things about serving here in angola..
the members love christmas a ton so its easy to miss the season back
home with snow, lights, and all the goodies but its all good. FOr
christmas ill be calling home around 19h my time... which i have not
idea what time that is for you guys.. i think maybe 11.. if it doesnt
work out youll have to email president and let him know.

WE are having a ton of fun finding new people and working together..
this transfer is flying by and elder mills is a boss. i have had a ton
of fun with him.. though at times it can be a little trying to hvae to
head out in the burning heat to go and talk to some people but its all
worth it and we find ways to make it fun.

Other than that i dont really have much to say.. nothings new and we
are just donig our thing.. ill talk to you guys on sunday and give you
the more detailed scoop then.

Elder Webber

Monday, December 12, 2016

And "Lovin' It..."

This week was a blast from the past, it was super cool to go around and see a lot of the old members and investigators that i taught over a year ago... CRAZY!! My companion is super cool, Elder mills.. if i could use a few words to describe him i would say chill, hippie bro.. hes super cool and super easy to work with. Just likes working hard but having fun while hes doing it. I am also in a house with Elder Dube from South africa and Elder Bradshaw.. yes thats right its the same bradshaw that was in the MTC with us. He might be one of the funniest kids i know. Theres nothing like coming home after a long day of work and coming home to him and laughing about something, it keeps life interesting and fun. When i first came in the first thing i heard was that Marilia my recent convert is one of the strongest members in the branch and that she is one of the best recent converts that elder mills has ever taught... it was awesome! There is truly nothing better than hearing that your recent converts are strong and helping the church out. 

I also got to baptize Fernando this week... and of course as it was a group baptism a million things had to go wrong. Turns out he had to go to work in Musulu an island off the angolan coast and that he was gonig to be about 2 hours late.. it was all good though because even though we cleaned and left the font to fill in the middle of the night it ran out of water so when we got there, there was only about 1 foot of water.. so we had to cut the top off of 2 water containers and fill it up mannually. It took about 1 hour and a half to fill it up to a level that was satifactory. The baptism went super well though and we got our traditional jumping pic so everything is all good. I saw benficas branch president, Nataneil, there and he is a boss.. i got to be super close with him in benfica and i didnt get to say goodbye to him before i left, but i saw him saturday so it was a nice little reunion. Zone leader work isnt anything special here in angola.. over rated id say.. but its been fun to help other missionaries out. 

Also a lot of missionaries who are going home around the same time as i am and who are studying at BYU are already about to choose classes and what not, im just curious on the process on this and when we should start worrying about this stuff, and how you guys did it with josh and zach. Its always good to get a nice head start on things

Elder Webber

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Late, Short and Sweet...

Well transfers are finally here and i'm going to be heading back to the first area that i served in here in angola. I'll be going back to Nova Vida, and will be serving with Elder Mills from Arizona as Zone Leader of the Luanda Zone. 
I'm pretty excited to be heading back and to see the progression of the area from the time that i and elder conde opened to now. 
Since the last time that i wrote you nothing happened, just a lot of good byes and finishing up my work here in the office and in Benfica. Its been real and its been great. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Busy, Busy Stress, and a Cryptic email

Well this was probably the most stressful 2 weeks of my life, for reasons that I cannot say at the moment but will be revealed soon. Lets just say Elder Mitchell and I had some great life and marriage training these last 2 weeks, training that was once in a live time and is better than any other kind. These last two weeks we cried laughing, balded a little, fell asleep in lessons, saw things no other man wants to see. Its also been a long time since ive emailed, but it feels like a emailed yesterday because these 2 weeks have flown by. Last week we had an awesome baptism with junior! He loved it, he might be the funniest kid I have met here in Angola, and it was awesome being able to teach him with his brother Taric. We had a ton of fun teaching Junior and seeing him grow from a shyer kid to having friends and a huge testimony. Its very interesting how the gospel helps us in more ways than just spiritual. Also Taric has grown to be one of my great friends here in Angola and I will miss him dearly as I am leaving this area here in a couple of days. It makes me terribly sad to know that it has finally come but I am ready to go and be a normal missionary. I loved being in the office, I learned a ton of live long skills that will be very helpful after the mission. I have loved serving in Benfica and being in this area. I also love love love the recent converts here.. my only wish is to see them all get sealed  or go on missions, that would be amazing! It will be very heart aching to have to say goodbye to all the great members here in Benfica. I hope I have a chance here in the future to come back and visit with them all. Many have already offered places to stay, Valdemiro and Vanusa said they want me to come back with my something something “wife”.

Another reason why it was so stressful this week and why we didn’t have p-day on Monday was that a auditor from the south Africa area office came in and did an audit. That was a very stressful very tiring 4 days.. we would get to the office early and leave late. Thing was that we still tried to get some lessons in, which we tried our best, but didn’t do really well. Fernando however is progressing really well and is being interviewed today. It feels like I’m ending one of the bigger chapters in my life. I feel like i've learned more in this area and calling than I have the whole time I was in high school. Elder Mitchell I will probably miss the most however, these 2 transfers have flown by and I would have to say it is all because of him and his help and fun. Its been a really fun and exciting way to end my time here in Benfica and here in the office. Happily, I already know where i'm going and where im serving.. I am very excited, even though it will be a little bit of a déjà vu.

I have a lot to say but not a whole lot of time to say it, this will just have to be all explained when I go home or when I see you guys in a couple of weeks. Ill let you know where i'm going on Monday, I send a small email to say hello and inform you all what the transfer is. For other news theres not much, im alive, working, sad, but very excited!