Friday, December 2, 2016

Busy, Busy Stress, and a Cryptic email

Well this was probably the most stressful 2 weeks of my life, for reasons that I cannot say at the moment but will be revealed soon. Lets just say Elder Mitchell and I had some great life and marriage training these last 2 weeks, training that was once in a live time and is better than any other kind. These last two weeks we cried laughing, balded a little, fell asleep in lessons, saw things no other man wants to see. Its also been a long time since ive emailed, but it feels like a emailed yesterday because these 2 weeks have flown by. Last week we had an awesome baptism with junior! He loved it, he might be the funniest kid I have met here in Angola, and it was awesome being able to teach him with his brother Taric. We had a ton of fun teaching Junior and seeing him grow from a shyer kid to having friends and a huge testimony. Its very interesting how the gospel helps us in more ways than just spiritual. Also Taric has grown to be one of my great friends here in Angola and I will miss him dearly as I am leaving this area here in a couple of days. It makes me terribly sad to know that it has finally come but I am ready to go and be a normal missionary. I loved being in the office, I learned a ton of live long skills that will be very helpful after the mission. I have loved serving in Benfica and being in this area. I also love love love the recent converts here.. my only wish is to see them all get sealed  or go on missions, that would be amazing! It will be very heart aching to have to say goodbye to all the great members here in Benfica. I hope I have a chance here in the future to come back and visit with them all. Many have already offered places to stay, Valdemiro and Vanusa said they want me to come back with my something something “wife”.

Another reason why it was so stressful this week and why we didn’t have p-day on Monday was that a auditor from the south Africa area office came in and did an audit. That was a very stressful very tiring 4 days.. we would get to the office early and leave late. Thing was that we still tried to get some lessons in, which we tried our best, but didn’t do really well. Fernando however is progressing really well and is being interviewed today. It feels like I’m ending one of the bigger chapters in my life. I feel like i've learned more in this area and calling than I have the whole time I was in high school. Elder Mitchell I will probably miss the most however, these 2 transfers have flown by and I would have to say it is all because of him and his help and fun. Its been a really fun and exciting way to end my time here in Benfica and here in the office. Happily, I already know where i'm going and where im serving.. I am very excited, even though it will be a little bit of a déjà vu.

I have a lot to say but not a whole lot of time to say it, this will just have to be all explained when I go home or when I see you guys in a couple of weeks. Ill let you know where i'm going on Monday, I send a small email to say hello and inform you all what the transfer is. For other news theres not much, im alive, working, sad, but very excited!

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