Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas-Time in Angola

Nothings new, just doing the usual work and having fun. I had a couple
of cool divisions this week in which i learned a lot. Its always fun
to be able to head off with other missionaries to learn from them and
to see what they have to say and how they teach. The christmas season
is here in angola and all the branches had super fun branch parties
which might be one of the best things about serving here in angola..
the members love christmas a ton so its easy to miss the season back
home with snow, lights, and all the goodies but its all good. FOr
christmas ill be calling home around 19h my time... which i have not
idea what time that is for you guys.. i think maybe 11.. if it doesnt
work out youll have to email president and let him know.

WE are having a ton of fun finding new people and working together..
this transfer is flying by and elder mills is a boss. i have had a ton
of fun with him.. though at times it can be a little trying to hvae to
head out in the burning heat to go and talk to some people but its all
worth it and we find ways to make it fun.

Other than that i dont really have much to say.. nothings new and we
are just donig our thing.. ill talk to you guys on sunday and give you
the more detailed scoop then.

Elder Webber

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