Monday, December 12, 2016

And "Lovin' It..."

This week was a blast from the past, it was super cool to go around and see a lot of the old members and investigators that i taught over a year ago... CRAZY!! My companion is super cool, Elder mills.. if i could use a few words to describe him i would say chill, hippie bro.. hes super cool and super easy to work with. Just likes working hard but having fun while hes doing it. I am also in a house with Elder Dube from South africa and Elder Bradshaw.. yes thats right its the same bradshaw that was in the MTC with us. He might be one of the funniest kids i know. Theres nothing like coming home after a long day of work and coming home to him and laughing about something, it keeps life interesting and fun. When i first came in the first thing i heard was that Marilia my recent convert is one of the strongest members in the branch and that she is one of the best recent converts that elder mills has ever taught... it was awesome! There is truly nothing better than hearing that your recent converts are strong and helping the church out. 

I also got to baptize Fernando this week... and of course as it was a group baptism a million things had to go wrong. Turns out he had to go to work in Musulu an island off the angolan coast and that he was gonig to be about 2 hours late.. it was all good though because even though we cleaned and left the font to fill in the middle of the night it ran out of water so when we got there, there was only about 1 foot of water.. so we had to cut the top off of 2 water containers and fill it up mannually. It took about 1 hour and a half to fill it up to a level that was satifactory. The baptism went super well though and we got our traditional jumping pic so everything is all good. I saw benficas branch president, Nataneil, there and he is a boss.. i got to be super close with him in benfica and i didnt get to say goodbye to him before i left, but i saw him saturday so it was a nice little reunion. Zone leader work isnt anything special here in angola.. over rated id say.. but its been fun to help other missionaries out. 

Also a lot of missionaries who are going home around the same time as i am and who are studying at BYU are already about to choose classes and what not, im just curious on the process on this and when we should start worrying about this stuff, and how you guys did it with josh and zach. Its always good to get a nice head start on things

Elder Webber

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