Monday, April 24, 2017

Walking and Teaching...

Other great week and a whole lot of walking around to try and firgure out where we are and what we want to do to find some new people. Turns out this area is full of legally married families that are very interested.. we found a ton of families this week that all really liked the message and want us to come back. Turns out this area isnt as bad as what they say it is.. i have no doubt that here in a little this area will be bumping like all the other areas here in angola.. its just a matter of time and getting into the peoples house. Thats the challenge, people are usually home but if you can find them and sit with them they are usually hooked right away.

Other then that again not a lot happened.. just the usual work and experencies the mission usually brings. I really dont have any news.. im sure a lot happened but right at this moment i have no idea what happened this week that was cool. We are working really well together, im enjoying my companion a lot and we are both learning a lot. I really enjoy how im perfecting in my portuguesse skills so thats a big time bonus. 

Thats about it, nothing new, just a whole lot of walking and teaching the first lesson. Welcome to white washing

Elder Webber

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