Monday, April 10, 2017

Back (Closing out) in Benfica...

This week was an adventure as i was back in the benfica branch in the quifica area. Let me just give you a little background on this area.. Since its creation almost 8 months ago it has not had a single person baptized. and only a few people have been on date.. so the missionaries thoughts on this area are those of disgusts and hate.. so president saw it fit to send me in for a week to try and work a little magic there. It was nice to be back with familiar faces and people, but the first days were really hard to tell the truth.. it is not a "fun" area to be in.. not a lot of members.. and the people are only home late at night which makes it hard to contact. After a few days we started to make some magic happen though.. we found a sweet new investigator and his family. THis guy was really cool. His name is Hugo and it might have been the coolest first couple of lessons i might have ever had here on my mission. From that point on the spirit was guiding us around so that we could find some sweet investigators. Long story short this new area is full of the lord's elect.. you just have to have a up beat attitude and a desire to do the lord's will and from you can be rolling in the blessings in no time. 

So from that i guess president thought i would be better for me to go back to benfica and finish my mission in qualifica training a new missionary.. not gonna lie i am pretty excited for these next couple of transfers. It will be interesting to go back to the benfica branch and end my mission there, also fun fact.. i spent 6 transfers in nova vida and i will spend 8 in benfica.. they are 2 branches right next to each other.. so other than that i would have spent 1 transfer in Viana and 1 in arizona and 1 in the MTC... i'm the kinda guy that hates change so it looks like the lord and president both know that so they made me stay where i like to be.. Its been nice and im really looking forward to going back. 

Fun experience from this week, we had a service-project with an investigator.. we were cleaning out his house and he wanted us to kill all the mouse that we came across... soo he killed one by kicking it and having his dog bite it.. we killed another by smacking it with brooms.. and the last one my which is my personal favorite is when 2 rats fell into a pit that he dug in his back hard and they couldn't get out.. so we gathered around and grabbed a hand full of pebbles from a pile that was near by... and we simply stoned them.. it was a fun little experience.

Elder Webber

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