Monday, April 17, 2017

Cillin' Like a Boss--and Home July 7th

Well what a stress week it has been. I guess you can say that we have been walking around with no idea where we are more then once this week. But its a good thing that my companion is a boss. His name is elder Chiua and hes from mozambique.. He is the most humble missionary i have meet in my whole mission. He is very soft spoken and very kind. He is very obedient and diligent. He is every trainers dream. He doesn't talk a lot which i really like, he allows me to have my alone thinking time which i have truly come to value here on my mission. 

This week nothing cool really happened. Just a whole lot of exploring and trying to figure out where everything is. There isn't a whole lot of members in our area so we have had to been pretty creative in finding and teaching people, but as we work and are obedient the lord just throws the elect into our way.. Even though its rough at the beginning i have no doubt that here in a little this area will be bumping like many of the other areas here in angola.

As for a cool experience this week theres a part of our area that everytime we pass through i sing the cantina star wars song because this certain area looks exactly like the junkyard in the first star wars movie.. i swear that the people there look a little different from the others and there is junk everywhere!! car junk parts, random house parts, cement and blocks and all that good stuff, its just a huge market with animals and street side food.. sometimes i feel like i'm in the star wars movie and in a strange unknown planet.. needless to say its been a fun experience.. i wanna take a photo to show you but if i do ill get my hand cut off. so i prefer to not to. 

chillin like a boss

Elder Webber

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