Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"Alma the Younger" experience

Sorry i'm writing today.. yesterday was a holiday here in angola and
the whole city was pretty much out of energy.. so it was pretty
stressful to find a place to email.. so president let us email today
and not worry about it yesterday which was nice.

So this week was cool, we had elder hamilton in for a a week to tour
the mission which was really cool. Sadly i didn't get to walk with him
but we still had a nice leadership meeting and zone conference with
him. The thing that i thought was very interesting was that he could
be teaching and saying something and the spirit would reveal something
completely different that i needed to do or change as a missionary and
as a man. Pretty cool to see how the spirit was just around him and
how even though he didn't mean to teach that, its exactly what i needed
to hear and do. This week i came to a lot of necessary conclusions on
what i need to do in my mission and in my life and some of the changes
i need to make. Its been really cool to see the changes the lord makes
in me. If i really want something and i work hard for it and i'm
exactly obedient the lord will bless me in incredible ways. Even
things i worked for years on before the mission have turned to be so
easy as i work and am obedient here in the mission.. it was pretty
cool to see.

Also this week i had a nice little alma the younger kind of
experience.. i wont go into detail but i realized a lot of things and
looked at the past and realized how incredibly blessed i am even
though i was not who i should have been. It gave me a new desire and a
fire in the chest to keep working to finish strong and to continue on
doing the lords work after the mission. It was a nice little rebirth i
guess you could say that helped me make necessary changes and do what
i needed to do.

This week i also had the chance to baptize Flanis.. hes the younger
brother of wilma and yolene the 2 sisters i baptized almost a year
ago... after a very short year the whole family decided to get
baptized and i was luckily enough to do the interviews for them all and
to be the one that baptized Flanis.. it was a super cool baptism, i
don't think I've seen so many people at a baptism before.. it was

My left shoe has a hole in it and we are in the sandiest area in the
mission.. so when i go home at night i can fill up a litter box for
the stray cat that lives outside our house.. so i guess that's pretty

Also found out this week that a lot of mothers of missionaries here in
angola read my blog.. soooo shout out you my fan club.. your sons are
the best in the world and its been a sweet experience to serve along
side all of them.

Elder Webber

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  1. There are not a lot of Angolan missionaries that have a Blog, thank you so much for posting these letters. As the mom of a son who just recently made it to Angola to serve it's really nice to have some point of reference for what goes on out there.