Monday, May 8, 2017

Life Lessons... (and no water)

This week was pretty solid to be honest, we just taught some sweet lessons, found some new investigators and slapped some people into shape. Ive noticed in myself that i am slowly losing my patience with retarded people, i've turned to be more direct and honest with everyone and its come to be a big time help especially here where so many people beat around the bush. I realized a little bit ago its better to be honest and direct then to beat around the bush and drag it on a little bit. So that's what i've learned recently. Its really come in handy. My comp elder chiua is a boss, he doesn't talk much which is perfect he leaves me to myself and allows me to ponder and think about life and reflect on things that i need to change. Hes super funny though, he just says the funniest things sometimes and we all have a solid laugh. He doesn't speak a lick of english and i haven't seen anyone more determined to learn something more than him. Every free time he has hes reading the dictionary or asking questions to try and learn english.. its pretty impressive. 

This week though we've been out of water for almost 4 days.. i bet aaron josh and zach didn't take showers with mineral water on their missions.. cause here in angola we do.. living the high life. We are hoping and praying that water comes tonight because if not we have zero water to drink, to take showers and to cook with.. We will see how it goes i guess. Yeah elder mitchell and i are coming home on the same flight.. how we went is how we come back.. together!! 

Man i have learned many many lessons on the mission.. its hard to choose just one or just a big one to focus on, i have summed up my life and mission with 7 motivational quotes that i have lived by for a long time and that i will continue to live by for the rest of my life. It is true.. the mission changes people, you will change on the mission, whether its permanent, or temporary you will change. I read something somewhere that said you can tell who was a great missionary by what hes doing 10 years after his mission.. its interesting.. if you just change your behaviour for 2 years nothing will benefit you, but if you change your nature on your mission you've just opened many doors and many ways for the lord to bless you and use you to do many great things.

For Mothers' day, we will give you a call around 6:30 our time.. we have to be home at 8

Elder Webber 

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