Monday, February 29, 2016

A Great area!

This week was awesome, we found out this week that 2 new elders where coming into the area and branch next to us... and guess who one of them is.. that right ELDER MITCHELL!! the boy, so that was sweet to see him and help them move tuesday.. super fun day, spent the day with president and his wife and elder sister henry, and a couple elders moving from thier old appartment. Then the next day was zone conference, which is super cool because there are only 2 zones in the whole mission, so you get to see half the elders there which is sweet. But up there at zone conference we watched the missionary broadcast from SLC, Elders Bednar, Anderson, oaks, and stevenson all spoke and gave some great missionary training. It was awesome, learned a ton that will be super helpful in this area, but on the way back it rained so we couldnt get any taxis back to our area.. so we had to walk 2 and a half hours to an area where we could get a taxi and rode that taxi for 20 min until we were finally back in our area.. so needless to say it was a very productive unproductive day.. 

but with that being said.. this week was one of the best weeks this area has ever seen.. my  comp and i have tested and proved obedience.. we honestly dont have enough hours in the day to visit all of our appoitments and investigators and recent converts.. its super frustrating.. we already have a ton of investigators yet we are continually recieveing more and more refferals and we dont dare knock doors because of the fear of getting let in and not having enough time to come back and visit them.. its super frustrating.. so many people, so many appoitments.. so little time!!! But we are trying our best almost sprinting from lesson to lesson so we dont get behind on time. 

Its a great feeling to have... my comp and i have a couple that will be baptized this transfer, and we found out this week that he has a brother who is a member that lives by savers down in orem.. It was crazy hahaha there was an angolan just down the street from us.. super cool to find that out..

other then that all is good, some crazy experinces that ill wait to tell as to not fully scare or worry mother

Elder Webber 

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