Monday, March 7, 2016

District Conference

This week was pretty solid, just putting in the usual work and having a blast with the good ole companion. This area just keeps getting better and better the longer im here, the members are awesome and every where we turn around we see a miracle. Like a couple days ago we walked in to the church boundries to pick up a member to come and work with us and we look towards the gate and see the member talking to an older gentleman, we go up and find out the elders a couple months ago talked to this guy but never taught him, he knew where the church was so decided to stop by.. so we taught him right then and there, he told us how during the war here in angola a lot of people lost conection with god and how he wanted to get connected back with our father in heaven.. we told him happily that he had come to the right place, taught him the first lesson and committed to baptism. It was sweet! 

This last sunday we also had district conference, all the members go to a conference center to listen to president his wife, district president and some other people but if was awesome.. we also had a member of the seventy come and give a sweet talk about simplifying everything and i loved it! it was super cool, I love district conference, it happens twice a year and you get to see all your recent converts and all the other missionaries so its always a fun little photo shoot. We had 7 investigators head up an hour away which is unheard of so we were super excited.. two of these investigators are getting baptized this coming saturday.. We are super excited for Mito and Simony.. two investigators with a ton of faith and desire to follow christ.

Sometimes the misson is really frustrating.. but in this area with my companion now and with the members and investigators we have, honestly i have not seen a glomy day here in this area.. ohh the wonder and the power you recieve when you do what you should, are obedient, and work hard. I thought about my time and how fast it has gone, and i dont want this to end at all.. theres nothing better then always having christ on your lips, looking for chances to serve and see the gospel change peoples lifes! I love missionary work! 

Elder Webber

me and elder mitchell with the seventy


and eating some african food in the shade of a tree! 

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