Monday, March 14, 2016


Week after week just gets better here in Viana.. we had a great baptism this week of 2 investigators who truly love the gospel and were so excited to be members of christ true and living church. As always baptisms are super stressful but even more here in angola due to taxis and time. When you say the baptismal meeting starts at 2 they thing they should be there at 2:15.. so needless to say, we started very very late.. but its all good they were baptized and they are the newest members of the church here in Angola! 

This week we have been incredibly blessed to be able to find new families to meet with and teach. We received a referral for a family that was in Portugal, they came back here in Angola and have a strong desire to be baptized. They are a great family.. 3 little sons, live in a nicer side of town and love the gospel already! They are awesome we visited them this week and found out they arent legally married... CLASSIC!!! so itll probably be about 3 months until they can even start the process to be married.. its so diffuclt to do here but great blessings await those who work hard and try thier best with faith to do what is right! So we are excited to continue with them, also Erivaldo and his wife ( who has a brother in Utah) have a date for sure for thier wedding in early May, they invited us as special guests so it looks like ill have to practice my traditional african dance.. Oh i hope im still here for that.. its going to be sweet!! but they planned for the day after their wedding is the more important is the baptism which is going to be awesome.. a great family that shows up to church every week and actually contributes.. its been great working with them. 

The longer ive been out on my mission the more im able to see the hand of the savior in our lives.. wether its literally saving our lives, guiding us to find someone who needs the gospel, or helping us know what to say. We have been incredibly blessed and we wouldn't be able to do the work we are currently doing in this area without his blessings and help in our lives.. the more i am obedient to the laws and commandments and rules of the mission and gospel the more i see the lord bless my life.. I now see that i could do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing without the gospel and without the savior blessing me every step of the way. He knows us perfectly and is ever so willing to help us.. I am not even close to being worthy for the blessings he gives me.. Its been a strengthing and an eye opening time here in the mission. in which i am so grateful and excited to see what else the lord has in store for me. 

Elder Webber

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