Monday, October 19, 2015


This week really flew by because of the amount of miracles the lord has sent on our mission, I can really see that the lord is in front of us and behind us protecting and guiding us as we do our work. i'll share 2 experiences with this that we had this week. The first  on Tuesday when we were planning we had 3 hours where we had no idea what to do, all our investigators couldn't meet with us or weren't picking up the phone.. so we felt that the lord wanted us to go contacting. So thats what we did, we went out and many times had no idea where to go but an impression would come where we would go. After many closed doors and no answers we finally came to a door, knocked.. and the man let us in, he said he was suppose to go back to work with his wife 10 min ago but something kept him back *cough the spirit cough* so we taught him and his wife a really powerful lesson about the Restoration, they gave us cookies, water and juice since we were their guests they treated us awesomely haha and we then saw why the lord wanted us to have those 3 hours of contacting so we could find this family. 

the other was a bit more sketchy, so we started off our day going to our first lesson we knocked and of ocurse they werent there.. classic, so we sat on the stairs of the apartment builidng thinking of what to do for like 15 min, finally we decided to heat our somewhere for some contacting.. as soon as we leave the building a car pulls up and its one of our investigators, with her dad.. she asked where we were heading and we said "your house!" so she gave us a ride to her house where we shared an awesome message with her and had some cookies. Right after that visit we were walking down the street and the 2nd councilor of the branch pulled up and asked "elders where you going?"  we had to go all across our area which is like a mile so we gave us a ride which was a life savor... After our lesson with Jose we started walking back through the dirt streets of Fobu where once again a none member of the girls roles down his window and said elders get in.. we get in and he said that his whole family is members but hes not, but knew we are men of god and wanted to help us out, he gave us a ride and even offered us dinner next week just so we can talk.. also said that the area we are working in is really dangerous at night so if we ever needed a ride just to give him a ring. We were dropped off close to our apartment right next to our short cut that we take through this ghetto farmland, right before we were about to turn into the darkness and disappear from the road a taxi driver pulls up and yelled at us to get in, said hed take us to the corner of our street free of charge, first of all that never happens here taxi drivers offering free rides, but we got in and he dropped us off and we headed home safely. I can understand the first 3 rides, the lord wanted us to meet these people, but the fourth one was super random, a second later and we would have been gone.. i think that lord sent that taxi driver just in time because there was something really bad in the farmland he didnt want to have happened to us, in which i am very thankful.. 

but missionary work is going great here, we are teaching a lot of people, Leandro and nunu, 2 kids that work at a cantina.. Voldemar and his family, which are prime, Quienta who has a ton of faith in christ just not in the right church, Arrone the miracle family, and Jose and his family, Joses is super sad cause hes been investigating the church for like 3 years but cant be baptized because hes not married to his girlfriend, (they dont have enough money and the wedding process is super bad here) they have 4 kids though and they are about the strongest family in the gospel i have ever seen, family night every week, scripture study everyday, and everything that is commanded they do.. This last week they decided since they cant be members they at least want their kids to be saved.. so we have Rochana and Piter coming this week, almost breaks my heart everytime we talk to them about is, my companion and i figured if we live off of bread for the next 4 weeks and save up as much as we can we can almost pay for it.. but its against mission rules to do that so its pretty much torture!

anyways pretty fun week

Love you miss you 

Elder Webber

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