Monday, October 26, 2015


This week was really stressful, we had a baptism so we had to make sure that it was going to go well, and it did. i baptized rochanna a 9 yr old girl and confirmed piter a 14 year old boy. pretty cool the lord really helped me out on the prayers as i didnt mess up once, and gave a short and simple blessing so that went really well. But this week we had to drop some investigators and be super straight up with others. A lot of them werent keeping the comitments and making excusses on stuff so elder conde and i had to go in and with a sweet kind tone tell them to "stop acting like little kids and start keeping your commitments go to church and follow the savior or else theres no point in us teaching you." sorta scared them straight and had to remind them of our purpose, not just to talk about christ and stuff but to work them towards their salvation. So the last couple days consisted of that which was fun. But on the bright side we found a lot more investigators that will be awesome to teach.. we found 2 guys that are aweseome Paulo and Folo we are really looking forward to this week teaching them. The cantina boys are still doing great as well.

pretty crazy experience happened yesturday.. we were walking back from a lesson at like 8 at night and we saw a guy ahead of us walking, we hear a car come zooming up behind us barely misses me cause i was on the outside but actaully clips the guy ahead of us pretty bad, so the car pulls over and the girl gets out, and i thought okay shes getting out to see if hes okay, good girl... NOPE! she gets out to fix her mirror and see if her car is okay.. then starts getting back in the car, the guy ahead of us was hammered drunk and starts yeling at her and confront her at her car, we walk by and the guy says "mormons mormons you guys wont lie.. tell her shes wrong" we didnt take anyside just had her apologize and she drove off after the drunk tried to smash her window in while driving away.. we talked with the drunk guy for a little but neither of us could understand him becuase he was speaking portuguese\english with a drunk slur, so we decided to leave but of cause not before we gave him a word of wisdom pamphlet with our number on it.. hopefully when hes sober he´ll give us a call.

sounds like some good stuff back at home, not gonna lie kinda missed home this week as zach came home and this week was especially stressful. tell zach not to get married until i get home, i wanna kick it with him before. hows the world cup? yes some american candies would be fantastic... anything would be great to have.. sounds fun sounds cool

Love you miss you

Elder Webber

after playing a little bit of soccer with the kiddies

Piter and Rochannas baptism 

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