Monday, November 2, 2015

Doin' Well....

This week was pretty, just a lot of teaching and a lot of finding as usual with our new area.. Leandor one of the cantinna boys is loving the gospel hes 17 years old and is really working hard. We can only teach him on the weekends because during the week he heads into the city for school but everytime we see him on saturday he comes with a paper full of questions and things hes learned from the book of Mormon, its awesome to see casue hes so excited about baptism. He was baptized a catholic at 6 but we told him to read Moroni 8 and to pray about it and we came back and he said elders i know i have to get re baptized and i want to join your church and we thought perfect in a couple of weeks we can do that easy.. but of course Satan always has something to say.. we had to ask his mom for permission and she said no.. its was heart breaking.. but after a long conversation she said she would pray about it. Then Sunday leandor came to church and loved it so he went back home and told his family all about it and when we visited him last night he said his mom was going to let Nunu and Manuel go to church and she might even come herself. The lord is really softening her heart and telling her that this is the way for her family to follow. So hopefully this week this positive feeling will continue.

One of the nights this week we got out of our lesson late and our next appointment was all the way across our area which is super far.. so after strapping on our bags and getting ready we sprinted for what seemed to be miles to get to our lesson with John, we finally get there just a little late and we teach him and his sister, They were super invovled in the lesson and really enjoyed what we were saying, they even accepted the invitation to be baptized! Elder conde and i were so excited and after the lesson he told us "Elders you guys are awesome, i dont want any other missionaries teaching us, i dont know how it would be" we were pumped but weren't sure if we could teach them cause they lived just outside our area.. and surely enough they do live outside our area so we had to pass them along... AHHHHHHH!!!! NOOOO!!! but John works in our area on a street that we often walk on so we get to check up on him and talk to him every now and again.. hes a profession hair cutter and one day he cut our hair for us.. turns out here in Africa they cut hair a little bit different.. they use an exacto blade and a comb to cut your hair.. pretty nuts but its probably the best hair ive ever gotten so its all good! 

I have a lot of advice for the Priests but ill share 1 that i really learned this week..  love your family, spend as much time as you can with them because you will miss them on your mission. But really Learn the real meaning of praying continually.. instead of walking with head phones in or texting, learn to say pray in your heart and have a conversion with your father in heaven, prayers are more then just morning and evening they should be continually talking to your father above through out the day and talking with him. Replace headphones, twitter, facebook, music, and tv with times to ponder about the gospel and pray to your father, really talking to him.. itll help a lot when you walk miles a day with only your thoughts to entertain you. 

Love you, Miss you

Elder Webber

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