Monday, November 30, 2015

Wearin' out His shoes...

I recieved my new companions on Wednesday Elder Dum, and Elder Maxinho who actually lives like 30 min away from our area so he actaully sees a lot of his friends in taxis and at the stores which is pretty interesting. When they got here we didnt do anything all day because President said that Elder Maxinho just got off of a 9 hour flight and would probably like to rest, but said it was up to me if we should go out and work or let him rest.. and after a tough decision we decided to stay in to let him rest and we talked about our area for a couple hours and planned that next day, which i made sure was going to show all of our area and visit our investigators and i planned it perfectly so we would have to walk a lot.. just to welcome them into our area, nice little strole around town if you know what im saying.. When we got home that night Elder Dum looked at his shoes and was shocked and said "looks like im going to have to tell my mom to send me some new pairs cause this area is going to kill my pair" Elder dum you are 100% correct.. after i transfer in this area ive already worn down my insole to almost nothing and i have a hole on my right shoe.. This area is going to kill my shoes then its going to kill me soon after.. gotta love the Nova Vida 3C area life baby!! 

But this week was really cool cause we've had to drop a lot of investigators due to them not keeping comitments but we also found a new place to contact and we did a lot of contacting there and found a lot of solid families and people which seem will be really good so we are really excited for that. Yesturday we went to my beloved Canteena boys as we do every sunday and sat down to teach our lesson.. but to my surprise that mom came and joined us!! we taught her and it seems like i might actually get to baptize these 3 kids.. YEAH!! blessing from the lord after 8 long weeks the mother is actaully starting to join in on our lessons! Then of course after our lesson they came and brought us juice and cake.. ohhh it was perfect, just what i needed after a week like this.. probably the hardest week of my life because i had to take over the area, help train, tell them all about our area and investigators in portuguese and the baptism we had for this week wasnt ready so we had to postpone that.. i thought my head was going to explode and a lot of times i just wanted to go back to our appartment curl up into a ball and sleep.. but i cant and i wont.. the work must continue and so it did.

Glad my letter finally got there, sent it off about a month ago, kind forgot what it said by im happy it made an impact. sounds like lifes killer back at home, keep me on the update on the dating life, sports life and schooling life of my  kindred 

Thanks, love you 

Elder Webber

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