Monday, December 7, 2015

Canteena Boys...

Man oh man i now know why it says in the scriptures the gospel will be taught two by two and not three by three.. first off we only have one shower and an hour and a half to get ready in the morning.. so if someone takes 31 minutes to shower and get ready then the scheduale is messed up.. teaching is especially hard because you have 3 elders who are all recieving revelation as to what they want to say in the heat of the moment, plus we have to train elder Maxinho so this week was really hard to have to get the timing of everything down and how we want to do teachings and lessons and pretty much every part of our mission lifes just got a whole lot harder with just 1 more elder.. but its been fun and interesting trying to figure it all out.. 

Still teaching my beloved Canteena boys Leandor, Manuel and Nunu, they all just got off of school so they are currently all at the canteens all day long everyday of the week, so we always pass by to say hello just for 5 minutes and keep going. Friday when we taught then was awesome.. We get in teach our lessons for about 30 minuetes because they usually have questions, then the mother came and joined us for our closing prayer as she always does and when she closed she asked if we had time for some food.. ummm yes we always have time for food, so we ate some home made bread, with ham and cheese (reminded me of home) so we ate that and just as we were about the leave elder Lematua and Dlimini (two elders who live in our same appartment) called us and said they lost their keys.. typical, so we had to walk 15 min to go give it to them on the division line but it was all good because Leandor and Manuel walked with us and we just talked all the way up, Leandor is learning english and can actually speak it really well, he likes to say he was born in the wrong country because the only music he listens to is from the states and his favorite is country.. pretty interesting.. We also asked the mom if she would let them get baptized.. she said yes for manuel.. SCORE! maybe for Nunu because we have to first ask his parents.. and another maybe for Leandor because he was already baptized in the catholic church and she doesnt understand why he needs it again, we explained it she said it made sense and shell think about it.. she also said shell come to church this week so that will certainly help in the process.. Pretty exciting stuff!! 

other then that more finding and more teaching, we have a couple of really solid invesigators and families so itll be fun to see how those go this week.. The language is actaully coming pretty fast, i can communicate and listen with people pretty well, and everytime i teach at a members house or talk to someone on the street and they ask how long ive been here and i say 2 and a half months they are shocked.. "What two and a half months.. and you know the language this well? how?" the gift of toungues my friend.. the gift of tounges..... missionary life is pretty easy to get into the rythm of you life it everyday so the sooner you surrender yourself to the work and the schedual the easier and more fun it will be.. 

Elder Webber

The canteens boys.. Manuel, the mother. Leandor, me, Elder Dum, and Nunu

And a group of little kids who when everytime i walk by they run up to feel my skin and high five me and shake my hands.. all the time while yelling "amigo" and "chinesse" because they think that ime chinesse... interesting.. 

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