Monday, December 14, 2015

HARD Work...

This week was just a nice long week of learning more about the atributes of chirst.. mainly patience a whole lot of patience.. So immediately following last weeks email Elder Maxinho said that he had to head into the city for some visa stuff we thought no problem its p-day nothing big.. 2 taxis and hour and a half later we get there and he forgot his ID... you're kidding.. so we go all the way back home with nothing, the next day we had to go again but 2 hours the other direction by taxi.. we get there and stand in line for hours and walk from one building to another trying to get all his papers when finally we get it and head back home.. we left at 8 in the morning at got back home at 4.. We then on Saturday had to go 2 hours up to a city called viana so elder maxinho could do baptisms for 2 of his friends, so saturday we did zero work in our area, supppppper frustrating week.. we are also about 30 minutes late for everything because he takes forever to get ready.. theres no sense of urgency for anything, this last week I've had to be like a drill sergeant, "get in the shower.." "eat," "study," "put your shoes on.." "we leave in 5 minutes," "walk faster," it just really grinds my gears when we are late to things.. 

This area though... oh man this area.. its a love hate relationship... i often wake up in the morning with zero motivation for the day because i know that all of our appoitments will fall through and it will be 6 hours of walking around and contacting, our investigators arent keeping their commitments either, so many times this week we had to tell them to shape up, this will probably be the hardest area of my mission or life, elder conde said it was for him and the same with elder Dum.. but boy do i love it, i gave birth to this area and it gave birth to me, i was molded by it and shaped by it, I love the few investigators and member so much here, i learn so many lessons here that i will probably use my whole life, everytime we go on exchanges the missionaries that come in for the day are shocked at how hard this area is.. one time the ZL came into our area to work and when i saw him that night he said " this is your first area? man im sorry this area is rough.." its my area, its my wild stallion, and one day i will tame it and make it into a progressing baptizing area!

Fun teaching experience we had last night thought.. we met with john and his girlfriend Suzanna, and their friend Lou who are hair stylist (they give us free hair cuts), we met with them a lot before and they had a lot of questions about the BOM, so last night we decided to answer their questions.. started out really well, nice easy conversation.. but turned south so fast.. They just werent understanding the importance of the BOM, so elder Dum and maxinho started showing scripture after scripture and at times insulted them a little.. i was shocked... i just sat thier silent, they have a great knowledge of the scriputres my comps but sometimes thats a bad thing as they really to much on scriptural evidence and zero testimony.. so finally jon cut in and said "you just gotta ask god your self" and that was my time to shine.. pure testimony cant beat it.. just told them gotta ask for yourselfs, sorta rebuked my comps by saying "we could be here all night showing you scriptures but this means nothing.. you gotta ask god yourself" really interesting.. we will see if they do ask god, 

anyways sounds good at home.. happy birthday joseph.. keep killing it you little boss!


Elder Webber

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