Monday, December 21, 2015

A Pizza Hutt?

Short email since ill be able to talk to your guys face to face on friday

So this week was a ton of fun, a lot of things happened that im not sure if i should write home about... so i wont.. ill save those for later.. But this week was really good for work, just as always here in this beautiful area child of mine, just always walking talking and teaching with the spirit.. nothing new honestly. The branch had their christmas party last week and that was a ton of fun, just being able to relax and have fun with the branch and eat food, talk, watch the skits.. its all very fun here and they have a huge love for the christmas season.. especially about Christ.. they love santa and cookies and presents and all that but since the majority cant afford to have a nice christmas they really love to center the season on Christ as it should be.. so other then that this week was mainly planting.. as it is every single week here.. plant plant plant.. and i love it, sure it gets super frustraing when you have barely any investigators in your area book and when one investigator fall through on a lesson you know exactly what you are going to do.. contact! Contacting man what a wonderful thing us missionaries do.. and one thing that i learned this area is how to make contacting fun, since we do it for about 3 hours a day you find new ways to meet and greet, you find little games you can play with your companion, all very interesting, anything to make it more fun and enjoyable.. because when youre having fun, your happy, and when your happy you have the spirit, and when you have the spirit you can teach by the spirit and when you teach by the spirit you can convert other and bring them unto christ.. very interesting..

 But pretty much the highlight of the week is when the shopping center right next to our apartment finished, huge fireworks at 11 oclock at night and a huge shining christmas tree you can see for miles all around fun stuff.. but even better then that is that inside this shopping center they have... PIZZA HUTT!! ohhh boy some good ole pizza.. as soon as it finished all 5 of us in our house where gonna go eat there, we walk into the center turn the corner and see it.. the american pizza, the first American restaurant here other then KFC, we walk up and see the menu and almost started crying.. a small pizza is about 2500 AKZ which is about 25 dollars... so with empty stomachs and a heavy heart we walk all the way back to our apartment and scavenge to find some rice and beans to make for lunch.. twas a sad day.. very sad..

but sounds sweet at home, Thats sweet for BYU he'll be great for them, tell my siblings to hook a brother up with an email.. i know they dont have anything else to do.. 

Elder Webber

Mirror selfie in an abandoned hospital turned Canteena.. had to go using a candle

And me with the trees...

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