Monday, December 28, 2015

Mission Conference and Building a Chapel....

Man i love mission conference, just because there is only 40 missionaries in our mission so when its time for mission conference its truly like a brotherhood, every missionary in the mission knows each other so theres always a lot of fun and enjoyment together when its time for mission conference.. But this mission conference we learned all about stress and communication, twas good twas good.. Got to see elder mitchell and Bradshaw, two friends from the MTC and everytime i see them its like seeing a brother, especially elder mitchell.. we've been through a ton together so we are super close. After that was christmas.. twas very good, loved the chat, josh and zach look like scruffs with their beards.. but looks like sweet living back at home. 

Yesturday at church we had the 2nd counselor of the district in our meeting and he announced some pretty nuts news.. first, three of the 5 branches here in Luanda are being split.. the number of branches is almost doubling in 2 weeks.. NUTS!!! and the extra big news is that they finally announced that they will begin construction of the very first chapel here in Angola.. and its just up the street from where i currently live.. what a historic time for this country and the church here.. such amazing growth has taken place here and the saints are thriving and working so hard to have a stake.. it will come very soon i have no doubt its crazy to see. All the missionaries are hoping they will here for the chapel to be completed but in actually ill be lucky if ill be here to see it finished.. sad.. but im super happy to have been a part of the growth here in angola. 

Learned 2 important things this week.. often times the lord only gives us just enough to get by, blessing us with the things that we need and not always the things that we want.. hes always willing and open to bless us with anything but its up to his timing and what he thinks is best, its our job to see that and to align our will with his accept it when it comes. The other is that there is not a check list for salvation or for this life.. we cant go through live checking things off and moving on.. the principle of "Enduring to the end" is often over looked and should be stressed a lot more... satan will find even the smallest hole in our ships to make it a bit bigger and bigger until eventually we sink to the bottom of the ocean.. continually progressing and enduring to the end.. just as important as anything else.. 


Elder WEbber

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