Monday, January 11, 2016

Area has been split

While you guys were off having the time of your life down in the good ole home land i was sweating my face off walking miles in this sand filled, ruleless country.. but it was all so worth it as we found a ton of new investigators and a ton of our investigators started to progress this last week which is awesome. Jon the hair stylist finally got work off to come to church so that was great to finally see him there, also maridia an older lady we found last week and the daughter of a member maria.. they all came for the first time! but the frustrating part was that so many people came to church all of our investigators sat in the overflow.. which is just a kitchen because the church building is an hot house, so we sat in the back in a kitchen without air and on some plastic yard chairs trying to listen to the speakers.... super frustrating but its a really good frustrating since it means the church is really growing here. and it wont happen next week since the branch was split yesterday.. 

With the split of the branch our areas were split, so we lost a large chunk of our HUGE area and received a smaller area but this smaller area is filled with huge apartment buildings, we went to go contacting there and the majority of the bildings we can get in no problem but some have huge locked metal doors and a security guard with an AK usually sleeping just outside the door, sometimes we can sneak by if the door is cracked open and get some great contacts done, other times we have to try to sweet talk this guy into letting us in, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.. but the area is awesome and we found a ton new investigators.. which is really nice, because the area we usually work in after 3 transfers we have almost knocked everydoor so its nice to get a new area thats closer and the contacting is a lot cooler and easy.. 

With Maria we have her marked up for the 24th and it looks like nothing is going to stop her from getting baptized.. she learns more and more every visit and she always keeps her commitments.. ohh its awesome, her mom is always so nice, we went over to their house three times this week, everytime it was either a drink, or food or something given to us, same with the canteens boys, we cant pass by there without being offered something to eat or drink.. its no wonder ive gained weight here.. i look at some old photos of me and im amazed.. putting on that weight here in africa.. who would have thought.. 


elder Webber

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