Monday, January 18, 2016

Mariah is Worth Cows--WhooHooo

They were selling a rugby ball on the street for pretty cheap and i just had to buy it, so i get to pass it around every now and again with my comp, but sounds good, i have no doubt Utah will be very good very soon.. This week was a lot of fun, and super frustrating at times as it is every week on the mission. We went contacting some more in our new area and found some really good new investigators, about out of every 16 doors we hit we get about 3 investigators, so its not a bad area at all. Elder Maxinho my son is very very very new to the mission life and how to truly teach, so in one lesson we sat down and started to teach the plan of salvation, and when it got time to teach about the fall and agency he taught some deep doctrine, like deep doctrine.. and he went on forever! so after he was done, i just bore testimony and tried to bring it back to the small and simple powerful things.. twas very interesting.. we had a little chat last night about teaching simply and hes learning and becoming a very very good missionary. Really frustrating at times and a lot of the times i have to remember hes brand new, and a RC of the church of no more then 3 years, so i have to let him teach and learn from experience, but i always make sure to bring the spirit when hes done so the investigator its too lost. 

I tried this week doing a little magic trick for the little kids in the street and even the most simple one blows their mind.. its the funniest thing, even a simple disappearing rock, when i walk by they are always calling out "Homem da magia! Homem da magia" or "magic man, magic man!". at first i thought it was just be cool to make the kids happy and have a little fun, but we soon learned that they would tell their parents and the next day their parents would be outside, so while i was doing magic tricks my companions would be going around talking to the parents for referalls or setting up appoitments to come visit.. it was pretty cool, fun little way to do some contacting. 

Now its time for business, Elder Dlimini "the elder from swaziland" was telling me about swaziland this week and it honestly sounds like a fantasy land.. they have a king, and he has balls one for his birthday and another for the country birthday, they have all sorts of crazy stuff, certainly a place i want to visit, but he made a very interesting offer, he saw a photo of mariah and said that he would pay 30 of his best cows for her hand in marriage..   mom dad.. thats 30 of the best milk and beef cows.. we could be rich.. just think about it and let me know what you think.. (and yes they still do that in swaziland, you have to pay the father of your wife cows..) 

also the split of our branch was super nice, we went church yesterday and it was always packed in the little room that we meet in, usually filled with about 140 members, but yesterday we only had about 40 member.. oh it was nice to actually have some room, and we kept all of our favorite investigators and members so the division wasn't bad for us at all. just some motivation that we need to grow this branch it only having 40 members and all


Elder Webber

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