Monday, November 9, 2015

Rain Rian, Rain...

Man looking at the photos of Halloween Joseph looks nothing like joseph dressed up as a warewolf.. scary stuff! and looks like Zach is back to being is silly goofy self.. classic! 

This week was a solid week, they are starting to fly by faster and faster as the weeks go back, next thing ill know ill be at the year mark! It was really stormy this week, but storms here in angola is mostly just a slight mist which is actually really nice walking around in, except for sunday night where it was a down pour, Elder Conde and i were on the other side of our are and it starts down pouring... super bad.. we look and we have 0 kwanza so we cant take a taxi.. so it was a long long long walk back, but we made the best of it and busted out some solid missionary raps.. our album will be coming out soon! haha but it was actually a lot fun. 

We have a couple really good investigators who are on date and look like they will be baptized. Leandor is really good (the cantinna boy) and his mom loves us, we went over yesturday and she gave us cake and some drinks, leandor when we left said "i love you guys, your like the older brothers i never had" it was awesome to feel so important to someone and to brighten their day just by talking with them a couple times of week. Made me feel a lot like our savior..  the other is Paulo, a 18 yr old guy who when we met him said that he had always dreamed about being a missionary or a pastor, we taught him the first lesson and went back to teach the second and he said "elders i read the chapter and more, i have a lot of questions for you.. and i know this is the path for me to accomplish my dream!" ohhh man the boy, we were so excited. The last one is Quienta he was really frusting at first because he wasnt coming to church,  but he came yesturday and loved it, we saw him last night and he had his friend their that he wanted us to teach.. already giving us referals!! so the work has been really good this week, super exciting and the language is coming a long really well. 

Yeah the world is a terrible place. so many people losing sight of what is truly important, the adversary is doing a great work on confusing the hearts and minds of men and telling them that its okay, its acceptable and that its natural. The sad part is hes working really well with the younger generation making it hip or cool or accept it and that is truly the sad part.. we are suppose to be the chosen generation and so many are not doing what they should be doing and getting confused.. sad sad sad

Anyways, thanks for everything...

miss you love you

Elder Webber

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