Monday, November 16, 2015

Baskeball, Soccer and Independance

This week was fun because it was the Independence of Angola, so what that means is that Wednesday the day before it was the pre-party people were just super drunk everywhere, Thursday the independence everything closed down and military people and police were all over the streets, and once again people were still hammered drunk, then the next day it was people super hung over had no idea what was going on. So needless to say there wasn't much contacting going on, and the few contacting we did make it was with drunk people which is always super interesting and fun to do. But this week we met more with Leandor and his uncle Manuel and his cousin Nunu, and these guys are straight bosses, we only meet them saturday and sunday, and we always look forward to the weekend just so we can meet with them. Yesterday we waiting for them to get done with the chores and they brought out french toast and drinks for us while we waited.. it was so good! after our lesson we were about to say the prayer and the mom walked in and asked if she could join.. of course you can! After the prayer we shared photos and funny story about that they saw our family photo and said your parents look so young to have so many kids. and while looking at the photo of me playing rugby they all said i look like Christiano Ronaldo... no big deal.. So these kids are awesome! and the mom is liking us more and more which is sweet her heart is being softened a lot my the lord!

I went on divisions this week with Elder Lematua, and he showed me a lot of different ways to contact instead of the usual way of just knocking doors. The main activity we did was playing basketball, and turns out i balled up against some professional basketball players here in luanda, they play for Petro luanda and Premerio de Agusto.. pretty cool!

Also i told Elder Conde about how people back home are fighitng against the prophet and arent agreeing with him, and he pretty much lost his mind he said "really.. REALLY people fighting against the prophet.. no no no..  how can they.. hes called of god, hes doing what the lord wants.. people in the church complaining against the prophet nooooo man this is really not okay..." haha man its so true, so many people here in africa love the prophet and apostles and would do anything just to see them in person, and they would never think about going against the prophet.. just thought that was pretty cool. I love having elder conde as a companion, hes great! I tell him some situations that are happening back home and in the world and he is shocked about what is happening and how people are going against the prophet.  

Love you miss you

Elder Webber

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