Monday, November 23, 2015

Transfer,.. But Staying...

Transfer time!! and im staying here in my birth area still working this new area.. my comp however is leaving me and im receiving 2 new companions one named Elder Dum hes been here a while, from portugual but hes still fluent in engilsh and portuguese so that will be very nice.. very nice indeed. The other one is a brand new missionary Elder Maxino hes from right here in Luanda just waiting for his Visa to go to portugual.. so in other words im a part daddy and helping giving birth.. Itll be weird i just finished getting trained and now im helping to train another missionary.. dont know how long he will be here but regardless it will still be a lot of fun. 

This week was fun, Quienta has his baptism marked up for this satruday and hes really excited for that so its gonna be sweet to finally see some fruits for our long labors here in Nova Vida, we didnt meet with him as much as we should have but the times that we did were really good and he seems to be really prepared, we didnt get to see leandor this week which was really sad.. whenever we dont see him it feels like a huge part of our lifes is missing. But elder conde and i have been working really hard this week to find some new investigators becasue we were in need of some new ones and sure enough the lord answers our prayers and we found a ton of really good families that are really excited to learn more and to meet with us so that was really cool. The language is coming along super super fast which is a huge blessing from the lord.. elder conde yesturday told me that my teaching in lessons is really good and i can pretty much teach on my own now.. Crazy how fast you can learn a language.. super cool. 

We also had disrtict conference here in luanda.. we heard from the district president and our beloved mission president.. we also got a satalite broadcast and were taught from Elder cook, and elder Rasband.. they announced that the two 2 temples here in africa will soon be finished and the memebers here are so excited for that. Elder Rasband was sweet though, he spoke really well and is going to be an awesome appostle.. he even spoke perfect portuguesse.. just kidding there was a translator.. but it was really good to hear from them and to see all the missionaries all 36 of us and to see all the 1600 members gathered into one conference center.. pretty cool stuff..

other then that nothing much happened this week, just more work in our new area.. Elder conde says that this has been his hardest area yet, and hes even been in the provincial life.. pretty nuts.. we walk a ton, talk with few and are still getting lost.. opening areas is super hard.. but i know that in time it will all pay off.. and i cant wait for that day.. 

Elder Webber

you can send food a lot of elders send packages with food its fine.. fedex and dhl are best and send it to this address, but my name on the senders spot and presidents name in the recipient and it should be very good. 

President danny merril 
Condominio Concha, de Talatona #77
Bairro Talatona VIA AL 16
Municipio da Samba - Luanda


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