Monday, September 5, 2016

District Conference

DISTRICT CONFERENCE!!! aside from baptisms, family night, and mission conference it is my favorite here in angola.. more photos are taken on this day and in this one spot then at an over excited group of teenage girls getting ready and at prom... in other words everyone looks fresh, and you see all your old recent converts and members that you have left behind. Also other then that you get to hear President and sister speak, along with many other leaders of the church here in angola.. i didn't get to hear a lot because i was manning the doors letting the same 6 children in and out the whole time, but the lord blessed me and i was able to pay attention and listen to president and sister talk. You can tell they are new and excited for the mission work to grow and improve because thats all that they spoke about, sister silva said that we all need to invite people, even if its hard there are plenty of people around us who will say yes. SO needless to say being in the best branch in the mission we once again received quite a few of great referrals afterwards, some more married families, some more friends, the work continues forward at an amazing pace here in Angola and in Benfica. We also got to go to the adult session Saturday night  ( we could only go if we brought an investigator.. celson and lurdes for the win!!) which was very good, until about half way through it finally hit me... your sitting in the ADULT SESSION of stake conference.. it made me sick.. the whole rest of the night i just thought.. your almost 20, about to finish the mission, in a few years you'll be married.. i'm not ready for this at all!! i still feel like i'm 14 years old.. i don't wanna grow up.. i would happily stay this age and on my mission and in this branch for a long time.. but i cant.. and i wont.. so life continues and taught me a very good lesson on living in the moment.

This week also Paulo and Helga got married!! they were so excited and happy, plus they looked great. Its been 3 long years of investigating the church and after 3 years of waiting they have finally tie the knot, stepped on the glass, and Paulo has officially put on the good ole ball and chain.. hahahahaha just kidding.. but seriously... we passed by their house many times to make sure all was going good, and surely enough it was. They got done with the marriage and instantly started looking forward to the baptism, but when we passed by yesterday that their goal was never just to be baptized but to be sealed as a family. They don't see and never saw baptism as the end but he beginning and know that the most important step is the sealing of their family in the temple. It was so great to see a family with their priorities in the right spot.. and we have been blessed big time with many people like that in our area. So this saturday Paulo helga and helgas sister Darciela will be baptized! Darciela we have taught for about a month and a half and we have not seen any one progress as well as she has.. its been really cool to see. 

All the others are doing really well,  they are progressing quickly and we are trying to keep up with them. The benfica branch continues to grow and my love for the members and the people here continues to grow and at an even faster rate then i had ever expected. All is well, very excited for next transfer... i already got my transfer news almost 2 weeks before the transfer... mom dad i don't think your going to believe it.. 

Elder Webber

P.S. also the package if you could send me a pin drive, another pair of pants or two (slim fit) (gray and black) so i don't look like a clown ill send my sizes next week i don't have them right now, some hand sanitizer (pocket size), and like 3 nice ties ( i traded all my nice ties away for ugly ones, and its pretty hard to go to the office and see president with rocket ships on my tie). and anything else you think would be cool.. 

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