Monday, September 26, 2016

Getting HOT...

This week was pretty cool, nothing really happened other than the fact that we got to go to the U.S. embassy to do some document work for Elder Mitchell so he can start driving.. and boy is it incredible to step back on US soil. The US embassy here is super cool, and where its placed has a beautiful view of Angola and the Luanda Harbor, so we got to see some more of the Angolan beauty and the city. We are still doing really well in our area. Carlos and Eduarda are doing very well and getting closer and closer to being prepared for their baptism. We had to move it back to the 15th due to General Conference, and they were pretty sad about that because they wanted to get baptized sooner. It's alright though because they are very excited for General Conference as well and another week gives us a little more breathing room to finish the lessons and make sure everything is going well. We found a lot of new investigators this week, and by saying found i mean were given.. These members here are amazing.. we had referrals coming out of our ears this week and we didn't have enough time to sit with them all, but somehow we managed to do it. Its pretty cool, Elder Mitchell and i have made a goal to not knock on a single door to do contacts this whole transfer, and so far so great! The lord always blesses those to are willing to work the correct way. We have had people just placed in our way, we have had great referrals from members, and from investigators. It is a great time to be in Benfica. 

Saturday afternoon while we were walking we got a nice little phone call from the branch president asking if i could give a short talk in sacrament meeting. I said sure and i began to think because he gave me the option to choose what i wanted to speak about. During a lesson, like honey dew descending from heaven, i received revelation that i needed to talk about the atonement of jesus christ. Since so many members in this branch are new, many of them don't understand truly the importance of the atonement. So with that i went home and prepared my talk that night. In essence i spoke about how christ suffered all types of afflictions, pains, and sins just so that we, if we repent, pray and keep the commandments, don't have to suffer here in this life and also for all eternity. I spoke how the atonement was more than just suffering for our sins, that we suffered everything imaginable so that he would know exactly how to help us in our times of distress, sorrow and need. After i spoke the branch president then spoke about how the family can life together forever but only because of the atonement.. soo all in all it was a very cool experience and i enjoyed it. 

Elder Mitchell and i are having the time of our lives here in Benfica.. the hot season is coming and Elder Mitchell has been sweating like a dog... and i have been sweating as just bad. The hot season here in angola is BRUTAL!! and i am not looking forward to lessons in tin ovens... buuuuuut the work must continue and it will. We also passed by Valdemiros and Vanusas house yesturday for family and boy what a time.. It has been so incredible to see them and Paulo and Helga become so strong in the gospel.. they seem like they have been members for years.. its cool. Also Darciela got a calling to the primary yesterday (Knew it!!) and Helga got a calling to the relief society (Also knew it!!) Paulo has also already received the aaronic priesthood.. soo Benfica remains to be the best branch in the world!  

Mother the smaller pair of pants fit perfectly.. after throwing them in the wash they shrunk up a little and came out perfect. The other ones are pretty big on the waist and pretty long, but still work. Thats pretty cool, i should've asked him about that, it would have been cool to talk to him about that. 

Elder Webber

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