Monday, April 4, 2016


So turns out i only got to be with mega desk for a couple of days.. thursday after noon we receive a call from president, my comp hands me the phone and the first words president says is "Elder Webber are you ready for a little shake up?" well of course president i always am... next thing i know president is telling me that i am becoming the "executive secretary" of the mission and that i leave the next day to white wash an area up by the mission office. My heart instantly dropped into my stomach.. i was suppose to leave Pinto, maizinha, the gomboa family and many more investigators who will be baptized this transfer, that and all my recent converts and all the amazing members.. i was destroyed.. i felt so cheated.. i felt like i had 5 more weeks there... but as i learned here on the mission what i want doesn't matter at all, its all about the lord and his will. so with that i went home, packed and was off the next day to Benfica... 

Let me tell you white washing is hard... i think opening an area is a lot easier but that just my opinion.. (ive done both so i would know) we spent a whole day just walking around and getting to know the area, taught some people and met some members... its was exhausting... come home and just colapse onto the bed destroyed... but its good my new comp is elder Smith from cali... hes a boss at portuguese and works really hard so its all good on the hood. So a little more info on the calling we go to the office twice a week to pay the mission bills, do referalls, keep stock of all the book,and stuff. pretty interesting.. even better is we get a car! the president, senior couple, aps and us are the only ones to drive.. with great reason... these roads here are crazy!! and all the cars are stick so its a good thing i learned before the mission to drive the yellow car.. 

all in all this week i was in a glass case of emotions.. i wanted to weep, wail and gnash my teeth to try and stay in viana... but as the lord calls i will follow with a smile on my face and with a diligent mind and desire to serve... i wanna thank pam for sending me photos of my family and it looks like dad was doing the yard work one day and accedently cut off josh and zachs hair..... YIKES!!!!!!!!!! but lookes likes some fun stuff ... not gonna liie my hair gets a little iffy some days as well. 

Elder WEbber

our egg friend (discount eggs)~
and some black kids

Letters: anything 2.2 pounds and under

President Merrill
Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos S.U.D.
Caixa Postal 18404
Luanda - Luanda

Packages: preferably fedex or DHL
President Merrill
Condominio Concha, de Talatona #77
Bairro Talatona VIA AL 16
Municipio da Samba - Luanda


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