Monday, April 25, 2016

A "Marriage Counselor"....

Yeah this week was pretty cool, just another week at the office.... litterally it was another week at the office, President and sister asked us to go in 3 days now instead of the usual 2. Pretty frustrating knowing we should be out working in our area but its turn to be really cool. We are helping the mission and ton and helping relieve some stress off of sister, she did so much stuff it was crazy, so its nice to help her out. Also we are getting some great experience in paying bills and doing some real life financing so it going to be great experience for after the mission which will be pretty nice. 

Still working with our usual investigators, but the most important is the family we are working with that has some marriage problems, and let me tell you something, you could pay thousands of dollars for a professional marriage counselor, or you can contact your local 19 or 20 year old missionaries with a couple of scriptures and a testimony and your marriage will drastically change.. this family when we first sat with them was not a good experience at all and the missionaries before said it was bad, but as they read the BOM and have christ central into their family you can truly see the difference. Its a miracle!! We had family night with them last night and while walking out the husband was talking to us, he said he made a lot of mistakes and before he had the missionaries pass by he would drink, he wouldn't play with the children he would do anything, but now he's loving, kind, playful and the family is coming together and is being a whole lot more happy.just cool to see the gospel do the job it should.

other then that not much happened this week, just a lot of walking and a lot of talking the usual missionary work. We are getting more and more familiar with the area and the members here.. the first couple weeks here were absolutely killer, but thats what you get when you white wash.. but slowly and surly you get to know everything so we are at that point now.. we know almost all the members and starting to know which road goes where and where everyone lives so its super nice to finally get to that point! 

Look what i found on the streets, youll be so surprised what you find here! 


Elder Webber

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